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Arab Media Summit: TRENDS exposes AI risks in media, offers mitigation strategies

At Arab Media Summit: TRENDS exposes AI risks in media, offers mitigation strategies
29 May 2024 13:11


TRENDS Research & Advisory actively engaged in an insightful discussion session on "The Risks of Employing Artificial Intelligence in the Media and How to Address them". This event, held as part of the Arab Media Summit, which also included the Arab Media Forum and the Arab Youth Media Forum, was organised by the Dubai Media Council and took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Moderated by TV presenter Adele Tohme from Dubai Media Incorporated, the session featured esteemed guests: Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of the Cyber Security Council of the UAE Government, and Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research & Advisory. Together, they delved into the diverse opportunities and challenges stemming from the incorporation of artificial intelligence across media sectors including writing, editing, presentation, innovation, and publishing.

In his address, Dr. Al-Ali underscored the pervasive influence of artificial intelligence across various spheres of human progress, emphasising its profound implications for global transformation. Notably, he highlighted the media sector as one of the most significantly affected by AI, emphasising that its effective deployment is essential for realising critical objectives, particularly in enhancing operational efficiency through task automation and rapid data analysis.

Dr. Al-Ali highlighted the myriad challenges AI poses to media institutions, stressing the imperative to swiftly adapt to evolving technologies, manage the relentless influx of media content, ensure its authenticity, and mitigate risks like deep fakes. Additionally, he expressed concerns about potential job displacement and excessive dependence on automated systems, which could potentially stifle human creativity. Addressing these challenges, he emphasised the need for a cautious and thoughtful approach to technology adoption.

Furthermore, as he advocated for media organisations to invest in state-of-the-art AI technologies while establishing clear ethical guidelines for their utilisation. He underscored the importance of continuous skill development among media professionals to effectively navigate the ever-changing technical landscape.

Dr. Al-Ali stressed the crucial need for media professionals to embrace new skills in adapting to artificial intelligence technologies, enabling them to bolster work efficiency while understanding associated risks. With technology evolving rapidly, continuous training on emerging technologies becomes indispensable.

He also underscored the potential of artificial intelligence methods in mitigating risks posed by such technology, including the proliferation of deep fakes and fake news. Despite AI's role in facilitating these threats, it also serves in their detection by swiftly analysing and verifying information authenticity. Moreover, specialised algorithms can be devised to detect patterns indicative of falsified content in various media formats.

Dr. Al-Ali elaborated on the pivotal role that research and advisory centres, such as TRENDS, play in developing innovative solutions to address AI risks in the media landscape. This entails studying technology development and future trends, comprehending their ramifications for the media industry, and providing guidance to media institutions on responsible and ethical AI utilisation. Additionally, raising public awareness about AI-related risks in the media is paramount. 

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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