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Young professionals find platform for collaboration at Arab Youth Media Forum

Young professionals find platform for collaboration at Arab Youth Media Forum
28 May 2024 10:11


Media professionals from across the Arab world convened for the second edition of the Arab Youth Media Forum in Dubai, hailing the event for as a unique opportunity for collaboration, idea exchange, and skill enhancement.

Speaking with Aletihad, Fadheela Almaeeni, President of the UAE Journalists Association, praised the “outstanding” efforts put forth to organise this event.

“The Arab Youth Media Forum stands out for its meticulous organisation, insightful sessions, and engaging discussions, serving as a focal point for talented youth from across the region,” she said.

Recognising the pivotal role of youth in shaping the future of media, Almaeeni emphasised the importance of this gathering as an opportunity for media professionals to collaborate, share expertise, and collectively contribute to advancing the Arab world’s media landscape.

“For those seeking to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field, this forum serves as an ideal platform for knowledge exchange and innovation,” she said.

Haitham Alshansi, a journalist from Oman, is attending the Arab Youth Media Forum for the first time. He described his experience as “enriching”.

“I’ve gained valuable insights from the seasoned media professionals here, and I’ve had the chance to connect with colleagues from various countries across the region,” Alshansi told Aletihad.

Aadil Hamood Al Saaidi, a TV correspondent also from Oman, noted that the Arab Youth Media Forum presents a “unique” opportunity for the exchange of cultures, expertise, and skills between traditional media professionals and content creators on various platforms.

“The discussions and dialogue sessions were quite enriching and informative, shedding light on the latest trends and technologies shaping the media landscape in the Arab world,” he told Aletihad.

Organised by the Dubai Press Club ahead of the 22nd session of the Arab Media Forum, the Arab Youth Media Forum underscores the UAE’s commitment to empowering young talents.

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