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UAE Floating Hospital in Gaza expands services, specialties

UAE Floating Hospital in Gaza expands services, specialties
26 May 2024 13:00


The UAE Floating Hospital in the Egyptian city of Al Arish, established under Operation Chivalrous Knight 3, has announced the addition of new specialised medical staff.

This includes neurosurgeons as well as maxillofacial and dental specialists.

The aim is to provide top-tier healthcare services to the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Director of the Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Mubarak, affirmed that the hospital continues to enhance its capabilities and medical resources, to ensure being fully prepared to deliver high-quality medical services, including examinations, treatment, and follow-ups, to Palestinian patients.

The addition of neurosurgery, maxillofacial, and dental departments will significantly contribute to the hospital’s mission of providing comprehensive healthcare services under one roof, supported by a team of dedicated specialists and experts, he explained.

Mubarak highlighted a recent complex and delicate surgery performed on a Palestinian patient who suffered a leg injury from an airstrike fragment, resulting in a broken leg and severed nerve causing foot immobility.

The medical team successfully redirected the tendons from the back to the front of the ankle to restore foot movement.

Furthermore, the hospital continues to provide prosthetic limbs to those injured and who lost limbs during the conflict in Gaza, with a specialised medical team assigned to measure the patients and manufacture fitting prosthetics while concurrently providing physical therapy and psychological rehabilitation to the patients.

This expansion aligns with the hospital's ongoing efforts to enhance its healthcare delivery, ensuring that patients receive the highest standards of medical care and support, as per the UAE leadership's directives.

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