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Emirates Drug Establishment plans regulatory enhancements for UAE’s pharmaceutical sector

Emirates Drug Establishment plans regulatory enhancements for UAE’s pharmaceutical sector
25 May 2024 07:53


The Board of Directors of the Emirates Drug Establishment (EDE) held its fourth meeting to review and develop the main initiatives to be taken for the regulation and management of the UAE’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors – all of which are designed to reinforce the UAE’s reputation as a global and regional hub for the medical industry.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the EDE, and was attended by Dr. Maha Tayseer, Deputy Chairperson of the Board, Dr. Fatima Mohammed Hilal Al Kaabi, Director General of the EDE, as well as board members Dr. Issa Abdul Fattah Kazim, Badr Saleem Al Ulama, Dr. Amer Ahmed Sharif, Dr. Farhan Malak, and Professor Chris Evans. Ahmed Al Rumaithi has recently joined the Board as a representative of the UAE’s youth.

During the meeting, the Board of Directors discussed the development of plans for the establishment of various specialised committees to enhance the EDE’s operational efficiency. The attendees also reviewed latest developments regarding plans to integrate the activities of all relevant government agencies and services, including the transfer of supervision of more than 160 services from the Ministry of Health and Community Prevention and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to the EDE.

Dr. Thani said: "The EDE is continuing its work to establish a fully integrated organisational structure that will regulate and manage all healthcare and pharmaceutical activities in the UAE. Its goal is to enhance standards, drive innovation, and stimulate cooperation in advanced research that will elevate the UAE’s healthcare industry to be in line with global best practices."

He added, “We focused on developing the EDE institutional, organisational, and administrative structure, which will support the integration of relevant government agencies and services into our mandate. This is an important part of our efforts to enhance the UAE’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sector in line with global standards. We determined to elevate the production capability and capacity of the local pharmaceutical sector in order to better cater for our needs, foster national excellence in this vital sector and attract investment and talent from around the world.”

Implementing Recommendations

Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi, Director General of the EDE, stated that they are working on plans to implement previous recommendations of the Board of Directors, including the establishment of the EDE’s organisational structure and the appointment of a highly skilled and experienced team to oversee the continued improvement of healthcare standards in the country.

Al Kaabi said: “The EDE is working to establish its organisational structure that will help us achieve strategic goals, elevating the standards and accelerating the expansion of our country’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, increasing their contribution to the well-being of the UAE’s citizens as well as contributing to sustainable economic growth.”

Notably, the UAE Cabinet approved the formation of the Board of Directors for the Emirates Drug Establishment in December 2023. This board, which will serve a three-year term, is tasked with overseeing the federal institution’s mandate to regulate and manage all medical products at the national level. The institution’s jurisdiction extends across the entire country, including free zones, and encompasses a broad spectrum of products. These include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare products, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, veterinary preparations, fertilizers, agricultural conditioners, plant growth regulators, pesticides, and products of genetically modified organisms. The Council of Ministers’ decree law also permits the inclusion of any other medical products.

Source: WAM
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