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Supercharged ‘Sahm’ motorcycles promise to revolutionise emergency response

Supercharged ‘Sahm’ motorcycles promise to revolutionise emergency response
22 May 2024 08:13


In a bid to bolster its emergency response capabilities, the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority (ADCDA) unveiled the state-of-the-art BMW Motorcycle “Sahm” on Tuesday during the International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience (ISNR Abu Dhabi 2024), held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

Designed to act as a first responder, the “Sahm” motorcycle is poised to revolutionise emergency services by significantly reducing response times to fires and traffic accidents to manage situations before they escalate, Captain Abdulla Alblooshi, representing the ADCDA, told Aletihad.

Equipped with a robust 1250 cc engine generating 130 HP, the 2024 Advanced model of the “Sahm” motorcycle boasts cutting-edge firefighting equipment tailored for rapid intervention. German-engineered Compressed Air Foam Fire Extinguishers (HNE) and a 50-liter double tank ensure ample firefighting capabilities, complemented by a 15-metre shooting hose and a 300-bar compressed air cylinder.

Alblooshi highlighted the performance metrics that underscore the motorcycle’s efficiency, such as high-pressure operations able to extinguish fires in a mere 76 seconds, expelling 39.5 litres of foam per minute. Similarly, low-pressure operations demonstrate commendable efficacy, extinguishing fires within 225 seconds while emitting 11.5 litres of foam per minute.

He further noted that the “Sahm” motorcycle’s versatility extends to its ability to combat various types of fires, including Type A fires encompassing common flammable materials such as textiles, plastic, rubber, and wood, as well as Type B fires involving flammable liquids and gases like benzene, gasoline, and liquefied petroleum oil.

Moreover, the electrical control capabilities that “Sahm” enjoys render it suitable for managing fires in electric cars, devices, and equipment below 1000 volts, Alblooshi said.

“Central to the motorcycle’s value is its agility in navigating through traffic, enhancing overall operational efficiency, and expediting emergency response times,” he added. 

With the introduction of the “Sahm,” the ADCDA underscores its commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to safeguard communities and bolster emergency preparedness in Abu Dhabi.

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