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Saif bin Zayed launches Rabdan Security and Defence Institute at ISNR 2024 Conference

Saif bin Zayed launches Rabdan Security and Defence Institute at ISNR 2024 Conference
22 May 2024 00:45


H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, launched the Rabdan Security and Defence Institute (RSDI), a specialised think tank focusing on security and defence studies, during the ISNR 2024 Conference.

This initiative is part of a strategic endeavour led by Rabdan Academy, a global leader in safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management.

As a strategic think tank, the RSDI will offer analysis, research and recommendations to policymakers on defence and security matters pertaining to the Middle East. It aims to deepen comprehension of regional security dynamics, identify potential threats, opportunities and challenges.
His Highness also attended part of the circles of Resilience initiative, the first youth dialogue platform for security and defence domains, led by Rabdan Academy. This initiative gathers distinguished experts to empower and educate young individuals in artificial intelligence, security technology, national defence, and other pertinent subjects related to national security and resilience.

His Excellency James Morse, President of Rabdan Academy, remarked: ‘Our vision is to advance peace, stability, and security in the Middle East and globally through meticulous analysis, strategic policy recommendations and active engagement with stakeholders worldwide, including policymakers, thought leaders, organisations and experts.’

He further emphasised that the RSDI exemplifies a distinctive model in the United Arab Emirates, addressing defence and security concerns often overlooked by existing think tanks, standing out as an exceptional addition due to the unique outputs it generates.

Morse also announced that the centre will commence its initial operational phase through a strategic partnership with the Middle East Institute in Washington, a renowned global research centre specialising in Middle East and North African affairs. This collaboration will focus on defence and security fields, leveraging a high-level network of senior researchers, academics and experts worldwide. He highlighted that the centre will utilise modern technical tools and methods to enhance the development and management of scientific research.

The RSDI will prioritise several strategic research areas, including threat assessment, geopolitics, energy security, human security, conflict resolution, military capability development, defence technology, defence industry and innovation, regional security cooperation, civil-military relations, terrorism and extremism, Border security and immigration, weapons proliferation and arms control, cybersecurity, disaster risk assessment and emergency management.

Dr. Naji Al Seiari, Research & Innovation Director and Interim Dean of Faculty at Rabdan Academy, said: ‘we are excited about the prospect of establishing partnerships with various think tanks, specialised international research centres, academic institutions, and organisations dedicated to addressing international security and defence matters on both regional and global scales.’
Al Seiari further highlighted that this high-level initiative aims to enhance international dialogues by engaging policymakers, diplomats and experts in exchanging ideas and visions. It will also involve the development of policy papers, reports, and high-level media briefings focused on addressing international security issues impacting the Middle East region and beyond.

The RSDI will conduct accurate research on security and defence challenges from a Middle Eastern perspective, organising seminars, workshops, conferences, and disseminating expert analyses and commentary. It will provide recommendations to policymakers, military leaders, governments, and international organisations, facilitating constructive cooperation with government agencies and international think tanks to enhance strategic planning and decision-making support.

The launch of RSDI occurred during the ISNR 2024 conference, jointly organised by the Ministry of Interior and Rabdan Academy at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

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