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Khalifa University: A leading centre for scientific research

Khalifa University: A leading centre for scientific research
21 May 2024 08:13


Graduates of Khalifa University of Science and Technology on Sunday showcased 45 innovative projects falling within five engineering disciplines at the Innovation Exhibition at Khalifa University, an annual event celebrating the creative excellence of students in their final year.

The graduates explained that the projects are an accumulation of the knowledge and the information that they gained from their studies over the past several years, with many saying that they will deliver new projects soon.

The projects are diverse across several scientific fields, including electrical engineering, computer science, biomedical engineering, administrative engineering, mechanical and nuclear engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, and more.

Professor Sir John O’Reilly, President of Khalifa University, said that the exhibition has witnessed an impressive 45 projects, demonstrating Khalifa University’s role as a leading centre for scientific research and education. He noted that most of the projects are geared towards finding alternative ways to meet pressing challenges through designing innovative devices and methods, building prototypes, or improving what was previously developed.

Dr. Nazar Ali, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Khalifa University, said that the exhibition is a product of the totality of the students ‘ education across several disciplines, which include biomedical, electrical, administrative, mechanical, nuclear, civil and environmental engineering. The projects present innovative solutions that serve the community, Dr. Ali added.

Some projects presented during the exhibition include  a computer vision system that allows self-driving cars to detect objects instantly, along with a project to improve the efficiency of existing electric bicycles after they are fully charged. Another project build an innovative criminal investigation system, while a separate project produced an environmentally safe smart room to grow plants and collect water sustainably. Another student presented an innovative game that uses augmented reality technology to teach young children about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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