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Thessaloniki International Book Fair: UAE and Greece champion smart diplomacy in modern international politics

Thessaloniki International Book Fair: UAE and Greece champion smart diplomacy in modern international politics
19 May 2024 14:30


TRENDS Research & Advisory, as an active participant in the Thessaloniki International Book Fair in Greece, has curated a symposium titled "Geopolitical Dimensions of Effective Communication: GCC and Greece Amid Current Unrest" at its pavilion, showcasing vibrant engagement and insightful discourse.

The discussion delved into four pivotal topics: the geopolitical sway of major powers, the broader situation in the eastern Mediterranean, Greece's pivotal role in fostering stability and connectivity with Europe, and the dynamics of Gulf-European relations in the energy sector. Additionally, it touched upon Gulf policy priorities for future development.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, underscored the imperative of bolstering communication between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Greece in his opening remarks. He emphasised that constructive cross-cultural dialogue not only fosters mutual understanding but also nurtures positive perceptions, laying a foundation for collaboration that benefits all involved and dispels stereotypes.

Dr. Al-Ali urged the participating experts to present forward-looking perspectives to enrich future communication between the two regions.

Key Player

Later, Sofia Papadopoulou, editor-in-chief of the Northern Greece Department at the Macedonian News Agency in Athens, led the session as the moderator, shedding light on Greece's ambitions in a rapidly changing global context.

She articulated Greece's goal of assuming a central role in guaranteeing energy supply and security throughout Europe.

Additionally, she emphasized Greece's growing recognition of the importance of the Middle East and Mediterranean region, illustrating Greece's aspiration to act as a vital link between continents. This aspiration extends beyond energy supply, encompassing communication and logistical services.

Smart Diplomacy

Dr. Spyridon Litsas, Professor of International Relations Theory at the University of Macedonia, shed light on the strategic alliance between the UAE and Greece within the context of his discussion on geopolitical dynamics and the Eastern Mediterranean region. He emphasized that the collaboration between the two countries goes beyond mere cooperation, constituting a comprehensive partnership.

Dr. Litsas delved into shared strategic goals, emphasizing the joint focus on ensuring security and peace, nurturing adaptability, and championing a culture of tolerance. Additionally, he highlighted their commitment to preserving their unique cultural legacies amidst evolving geopolitical landscapes.

A Nexus of Eurasia

Continuing the discourse, Economist Stephen Scalet, scientific advisor for the TRENDS Global sector, highlighted the importance of researching and establishing future industries and business models within the broader economic context of the Gulf countries.

He emphasised the unique geographical position shared by Greece and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as the crossroads between Asia and Europe. Scalet reiterated that fostering appropriate energy and trade infrastructure connecting these regions would lay a robust foundation for economic growth, peace, and stability.

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