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DGHR approves grievances and complaints system within Dubai’s military departments

DGHR approves grievances and complaints system within Dubai’s military departments
19 May 2024 11:40


The Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR) approved the grievances and complaints system in the military departments of Dubai through the issuance of Resolution No. 1 of 2024.

The resolution aims to accomplish several objectives – including governing procedures of the military department committees as outlined by the law, organising the grievances and complaints filing process to the concerned committee as per the procedural and substantive regulations, and connecting it to the pathway followed before the Central Committee in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 27 of 2018, particularly concerning organising the dates for submitting a grievance or complaint.

Furthermore, the resolution aims to improve committees’ operational performance and align their indicators with those of the government and Central Committee to safeguard members’ legal rights as well as ensure justice, job satisfaction, and stability in their working circumstances under applicable legislations.

It further seeks to guarantee that the provisions of current legislation are effectively implemented, and their established limits are adhered to. By creating a favourable environment within the department and reducing the need to resolve to the Central Committee, it also seeks to handle any complaints and concerns from members.

According to the provisions of the resolution, members can now register complaints and grievances without facing administrative obstacles. The resolution further encourages the department to promptly address conflicts and settle issues and disagreements that satisfy all parties involved. Additionally, member requests will be processed according to the department’s internal procedures, ensuring that the grievance or complaint remains within the professional and objective boundaries by respecting others on the essence of the grievance or complaint.

Dubai Government Human Recourses Department stated that the establishment of grievances and complaints system in the Dubai military departments comes as part of its relentless efforts to improve job satisfaction, guarantee the stability of members’ working environments, and safeguard their employment rights as outlined by the current relevant laws.

The department emphasised that this move will help improve overall governance and streamline the entire grievance process from application submission to final decision, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all parties concerned and boosting administrative efficacy.

Recently, the department unveiled the ‘Military Legal Inquiries Platform,’ a pioneering digital portal dedicated to military human resources legislation. The platform offers a broad range of services, including the ability to respond to legal inquiries related to military human resources legislation. One of its major goals is to facilitate communication among specialists and submit their opinions on legal matters in an objective manner.

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