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Abu Dhabi Police celebrate International Day of Families

Abu Dhabi Police celebrate International Day of Families
15 May 2024 10:44


The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) celebrates International Day of Families on May 15 each year to emphasise the rights and duties of the family unit in enhancing its position in UAE society as a social institution.

The family is recognised as the fundamental building block of the community, reflecting Abu Dhabi's interest in enhancing the quality of life for families and supporting related efforts.

Director of the Community Police Department, Brigadier General Dr. Hamoud Saeed Al Afari, highlighted the importance of the family in the progress, development, and stability of communities.

He further emphasised the role of families in raising children with values, principles, and virtuous morals, contributing to overall societal well-being.

The Community Police Department is committed to promoting community awareness and preventive security measures, organising activities and events to raise awareness about the significance of family stability and its impact on community security.

Initiatives are iongoing to enhance family happiness through integration, building capacities, and fostering a healthy and safe family environment.

Additionally, more efforts are underway to educate society on social and security issues through awareness councils, theatrical performances, video films, radio messages, and participation in family-friendly activities.

ADP collaborates with strategic partners to promote family safety and well-being, recognising that the security of the family is paramount to ensuring community safety.

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