Thursday 30 May 2024 Abu Dhabi UAE
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Silal inaugurates largest automated packhouse in UAE

Silal inaugurates largest automated packhouse in UAE
14 May 2024 16:17


Silal, Abu Dhabi’s leading Agrifood and technology company, inaugurated its automated packhouse in Al Ain, spanning 12,000 square metres.

This facility represents a significant step in fresh produce packaging technology, underscoring Silal's commitment to quality, innovation, safety and sustainability.

The packhouse serves as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to providing fresh produce to its customers.

Notably, Silal has a total capacity of 325 tonnes per day, capable of producing over 180,000 packs daily, and equipped with 28 precooling chambers and nine cold stores.

The company optimised every aspect of the packaging process and the state-of-the-art facility ensures the highest quality standards but also demonstrates Silal's dedication to efficiency and service excellence.

Silal's investment in this cutting-edge infrastructure reflects its vision to champion economic development while catering to the evolving needs of consumers.

It is worth noting that the packhouse represents a milestone in Silal's ongoing mission to redefine standards in the fresh produce industry, setting a benchmark for quality, and efficiency.

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