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Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation participates in UN Civil Society Conference

Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation participates in UN Civil Society Conference
14 May 2024 09:25


The Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation (SSEF) took part in the United Nations Civil Society Conference themed "Shaping a Future of Global and Sustainable Progress."

Held recently at the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON) in Kenya, the event supported the Future Summit and offered a global perspective on specific issues.

It was organised by the United Nations Department of Global Communications (DGC) in collaboration with various civil society organisations.

These include non-governmental organisations, academia, think tanks, member states, media, private sector entities, change-makers, and leaders.

The aim of the United Nations Civil Society Conference is to discuss issues of global interest.

Its value lies in raising awareness, ambition, and accountability for the Future Summit.

Additionally, it seeks to form multi-stakeholder alliances to support substantial reforms in the agreed-upon Charter wording and work to advance them.

Moreover, it aims to transform how civil society and other stakeholders interact with international governmental processes.

According to SSEF Director-General, Mona bint Hadda Al Suwaidi, the foundation's participation in the conference provides an ideal platform for exchanging ideas and viewpoints in discussion sessions.

"We brought together ideas and learning opportunities from participants' experiences in work planning approaches and policy proposals, which will flow into specific projects and activities relevant to the Future Summit," she added.

"One of the foundation's key focuses through its participation is to enhance the role of youth and highlight their contribution to supporting sustainable development goals by shedding light on several creative youth initiatives and projects organised by the foundation and their positive impacts on young people, their families, and communities," she explained.

Notably, SSEF hopes to empower orphans in various aspects of life by implementing modern methods.

It has made various proposals, emphasising the need for information exchange and workshops, whether physical or virtual.

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