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Emirates Red Crescent launches new phase of development projects to support earthquake-affected Syrians

Emirates Red Crescent launches new phase of development projects to support earthquake-affected Syrians
13 May 2024 17:15


The Emirates Red Crescent Authority (ERC) launched a new phase of its development projects for those affected by the earthquake in Latakia, Syria.

As part of ERC's efforts to accelerate the governorate's recovery following the earthquake that struck Syria in February 2023, this phase includes the inauguration of several projects aimed at empowering affected families and enhancing their capabilities

ERC's delegation, headed by ERC's Deputy Secretary-General for Local Affairs, Hamoud Abdullah Al Junaibi, inaugurated the projects, in the presence of Hasan Al Shehhi, UAE Ambassador to Syria; Amer Ismail Hilal, Governor of Latakia; and several Syrian officials.

Projects included an irrigation project in the village of Al-Musheirfeh, which falls under the Wadi Al-Qalaa municipality in Jableh.

Notably, the project irrigates 660 dunums of agricultural land and provides a sustainable water supply, benefiting over 3,500 people working in agriculture.

They also include solar-powered water tanks and livestock breeding projects.

Additionally, the ERC and the Syrian Trust for Development signed a cooperation agreement covering several humanitarian, relief, and development fields.

Al Junaibi said that these projects are a continuation of ERC's initiatives in Syria, which included key sectors such as health, education, housing, and others, as part of the UAE's drive to support the Syrian people and improve their living conditions following the earthquake.

“The projects we are inaugurating today represent a new phase and a transitional shift in the ERC's efforts to support the Syrian people. They embody the ERC's vision to boost sustainability and empower affected families by providing them with means of production that compensate them for what they lost during the disaster, help them meet their basic needs, and reach self-sufficiency,” he explained.

Moreover, Al Junaibi also revealed that the next period will see the implementation of many other initiatives to support the Syrian people.

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