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UAE Cybersecurity Council shares common password mistakes

UAE Cybersecurity Council shares common password mistakes
13 May 2024 08:58

Abu Dhabi (ALETIHAD)

As part of its awareness-raising efforts, the UAE Cybersecurity Council has shared examples of some common password mistakes, which can pose a serious threat by enabling cyber-attacks and jeopardise users’ digital safety.

Password mistakes that put accounts at risk include using one password for many accounts, neglecting to change passwords regularly, using easily guessable personal information, sharing passwords with others, and storing passwords insecurely.

Through its official social media platforms, the Cybersecurity Council warned of the importance of taking preventive measures to protect digital identities by adopting password management tool solutions.

It affirmed that poor password security poses significant risks for both individuals and businesses. Individuals are vulnerable to data breaches, which can result in unauthorised access to sensitive information and the potential for fraudulent activities using compromised accounts, as well as disruptions in productivity due to system downtime.

Meanwhile, businesses face similar threats, including data breaches that can lead to misuse of online accounts, increased financial losses from fraudulent activities, and legal liabilities resulting in potential fines.

Earlier this month, the UAE Cybersecurity Council launched “The National Campaign for Cybersecurity”, an awareness campaign targeting government and private institutions, as well as all members of society. The campaign aims to enhance public awareness of the threats emanating from an open cyberspace and the various ways to protect against cyberattacks.

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