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Abu Dhabi’s Dark Skies Public Policy to dim light pollution

Abu Dhabi’s Dark Skies Public Policy to dim light pollution
13 May 2024 08:41


The Department of Municipalities and Transport - Abu Dhabi’s pioneering initiative in the region, the Dark Skies Public Policy, comes with many benefits, according to an environmentalist. The Dark Skies Public Policy, aims to preserve the image of the night sky and promote a more sustainable future for residents and visitors across the emirate.

Under the slogan “The beauty of Abu Dhabi is in the splendor of its skies”, a large-scale awareness campaign is being conducted to educate people about the importance of preserving Abu Dhabi’s night sky. The policy seeks to address the negative effects of light and visual pollution by introducing sustainable lighting mechanisms and technologies, in line with the efforts of the International Dark Sky Association.

The policy’s objectives include encouraging the use of sustainable lighting systems, protecting the natural environment and wildlife, supporting astronomical research, promoting public health, and supporting sustainable development efforts.

Alicia Dauth, a Senior Associate Environmental Consultant and a chartered environmentalist, told Aletihad: “There are many economic and environmental benefits expected from the dark sky policy. These include preserving natural habitats and biodiversity, conserving energy by promoting energy-efficient lighting solutions, and contributing to sustainability goals and mitigation efforts.”

The regulations cover a wide geographical scope, apply to both the public and private sectors, and include previously installed and new outdoor lighting, as well as indoor lighting for private facilities that cause light pollution.

The policy draws from various guidelines such as the Abu Dhabi Lighting Guide, architectural and commercial façade design guides, in addition to sustainability systems for evaluating public spaces, and monitoring and education mechanisms on light pollution.

Implementation mechanisms include blocking lighting in public places such as building facades, activating security lighting with motion sensors, and implementing a lighting ban from midnight onwards in various areas including public buildings, streets, parks, beaches, stores, and industrial and agricultural areas.

The policy allows a specific period for compliance and excludes temporary lighting for events such as festivals and celebrations.

The launch of the Dark Skies Policy reflects the Department of Municipalities and Transport’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Abu Dhabi, prioritising the health and safety of residents, and preserving the emirate’s natural beauty and clear skies.

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