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A vocation of care, dedication: UAE marks International Nurses Day

A vocation of care, dedication: UAE marks International Nurses Day
13 May 2024 08:39

Khaled Al Khawaldeh (Abu Dhabi)

Often the unsung heroes of any medical system, easing procedures in ER rooms, medical centres, and operating theatres around the world,  nurses offer a source of relief and calm in times of need.

This Sunday, the world celebrated International Nurses Day, taking a moment to highlight the crucial work that nurses do around the country.

Speaking to Aletihad, several nurses from around Abu Dhabi described their motivation to do the often-gruelling job, how they see the profession developing in the emirate.

“We are indeed professionals with important work to do. We always do the best we can to bring you back your health, so you get back to what you do, so you get back to being you. We don’t ask for loud ovation; we don’t ask for your applause,” Manilyn Machica, Service Line Lead at the Ophthalmology Department at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, told Aletihad.

“But the next time you need a nurse, please take a little pause to remember what a nurse does is part of bigger cause; to get you back to what you do, so you get back to being you.”

As part of the UAE National Strategy for Nursing/Midwifery: A Roadmap to 2026, the country hopes to drive the registration of nurses and lead the world in producing quality professionals. The strategy aims to rebrand the image of nursing, driving more local enrolment and enhancing the quality of healthcare.

“Over my nine years with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and a total of 13 years in nursing, I’ve witnessed the profound impact nursing has on the health and wellbeing of the UAE population. Each day as a nurse, I’ve had the privilege of being a part of a profession that goes beyond treating ailments, fostering wellness and resilience in individuals and communities alike,” Annie Joy, a nurse at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, told Aletihad.

“My advice to younger people who are aspiring to become nurses is to embrace every opportunity to learn and grow, for nursing is a journey of lifelong discovery and fulfilment. Your compassion and dedication have the power to touch lives in ways you may never imagine. So, step forward with confidence, for the path you’ve chosen is one of purpose, compassion, and endless possibility.”

In a statement on Sunday, Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin Nasser Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), said nurses were the “cornerstone” of the healthcare centre. He highlighted the UAE’s initiative to enhance the attractiveness of the nursing profession and accelerate its Emiratisation to ensure the field’s sustainability.

“International Nurses Day brought endless recognition of the front-line heroes for the scarifying their time to promote healthy community. As nurses, we work to commit the world health organisation’s goals worldwide, in all environments, under all circumstances. We thank all patients for trusting our care to maintain their health,” Shaheidah Aldhanhani, a Nurse at Healthpoint, told Aletihad.

“As Jean Watson’s once said, ‘Caring is the essence of nursing’, and as we celebrate the International Nurses Day around the world, we can give each other a tap on the shoulder for rendering compassionate and excellent care. As nurses, we are born with a strong mind and a soft heart. These qualities can withstand any trials with the support of our fellow nurses in providing exceptional selfless service to all patients,” added Mona Celine S. Frani, a nurse at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre in Abu Dhabi.


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