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Frontline Heroes Office celebrates International Nurses Day

Frontline Heroes Office celebrates International Nurses Day
11 May 2024 15:08


The Frontline Heroes Office participates in celebrating "International Nurses Day," which falls on May 12 of each year, with the aim of highlighting the importance of the work of nursing teams that contribute to helping people and saving their lives.

The Frontline Heroes Office affirmed in a statement that nursing is a noble humanitarian profession that plays a vital role in maintaining the health and safety of communities, explaining that those working in the nursing profession form the backbone and the first line of defence in the healthcare system due to their vital roles, diverse responsibilities, and quick and effective responses in emergency situations.

The Frontline Heroes Office lauded nursing teams as frontline heroes protecting community health with high knowledge and skills acquired through years of work in risky environments.

The Office reiterated the wise leadership's permanent keenness to continue to support workers in the vital sector, recognising their efforts and sacrifices with pride.

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