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Zayed Higher Organisation showcases healthcare services for people of determination

Zayed Higher Organisation showcases healthcare services for people of determination
10 May 2024 10:13


On the occasion of UAE Medical Day, the Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) on Thursday organised an open day at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi for parents and families of people of determination, under the slogan “Building an Inclusive and Equitable Community”.

During the event, research initiatives and services provided in the field of specialised healthcare for people of determination were presented, along with family support programmes and quality of life issues, in coordination with a number of strategic partners including the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, Fakhri  Medical Centre, the Czech Rehabilitation Hospital, Al Reyada Medical Centre, Berlin Medical Centre, and Mediclinic Centre.

Abdullah Al-Humaidan, Secretary-General of the ZHO, saw the event as a beacon of hope for families of people of determination. The event opens up avenues for direct dialogue with healthcare professionals, fostering an exchange of ideas and concerns, he said, calling the ZHO’s initiative a testament to its commitment to heightening health awareness and support the wellbeing of people of determination, and their families.

Al-Humaidan commended the healthcare community’s participation, which aims to enhance medical access, education, and societal understanding of the unique needs of people of determination. The event also underscored the ZHO’s dedication to affordable and inclusive healthcare, bolstering research, he added, and sets up nurturing partnerships to enrich the lives of those they serve - all segments of society, including people of determination.

The open day event showcased a suite of specialised services, with comprehensive care, tailored programmes, and medical rehabilitation including physical, speech, and hearing therapy. The event also highlighted the Organisation’s commitment to advancing research in health and disabilities, aiming to enhance early detection and intervention strategies through innovative medical technologies.

The ZHO’s family support programmes were also highlighted, with educational workshops designed to empower families with enhanced caregiving skills and psychological support. Several doctors and specialists expressed appreciation for the UAE leadership’s support, which has been instrumental in advancing medical care and research for the issues of people of determination.

Fatima Al Dhaheri, the Director of Healthcare Management at the ZHO, highlighted the significant advancements in the UAE’s medical field. Supported by the nation’s wise leadership, the sector has seen the establishment of numerous universities and specialised colleges aimed at producing well-qualified professionals. These institutions are dedicated to addressing societal health needs and ensuring comprehensive therapeutic education.

Al Dhaheri further stated that ZHO doctors are committed to serving children of determination and offering extensive support to their families. The organisation provides a range of medical rehabilitation services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Additionally, innovative treatments like equine and aquatic therapies, along with smart device-assisted therapy, have gained international recognition, she noted.

She underscored the collaborative efforts of Emirati doctors across various sectors, working towards elevating the country’s global standing. This progress is attributed to the unwavering support of the UAE’s leadership for its citizens, she emphasised.

Dr. Marwa Salim Ali Alhmoudi, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, lauded the UAE’s unwavering commitment to the medical sector. Dr. Alhmoudi expressed gratitude towards the government for fostering an environment ripe with opportunities for medical professionals. The state’s initiatives have been pivotal in empowering Emirati citizens to pursue advanced medical studies and research, thereby bolstering the number of experts in vital fields such as obstetrics and gynaecology.

Dr. Alhmoudi highlighted the state’s particular focus on reproductive medicine, a specialty garnering substantial support due to its critical role in addressing fertility issues. The government’s support of fertility centres, comprehensive training, and robust laws aims to overcome infertility and genetic challenges, ultimately leading to societal prosperity and family stability.

Dr. Nadia Akkawi from UAEU’s Department of Genetics and Genomics highlighted the state’s backing for medical research, particularly genetic studies. The Emirati Genome Programme, among other initiatives, is advancing the early detection of genetic disorders, Dr. Akkawi noted, emphasising the need for a skilled medical workforce, including both nationals and expatriates.

She praised the university’s master’s programmes for their role in cultivating expert medical professionals in genetics, saying that it was crucial for devising strategic plans to uncover disease causes, benefitting people of determination and their families. Expressing gratitude towards the UAE’s leadership, Dr. Akkawi voiced hope for increased support in genetic research specialisation and personnel training.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Emirati medical professionals have expressed profound gratitude towards the UAE’s leadership for its insightful recognition of the pivotal role doctors play in society, said Dr. Khadija Issa Al Balushi, a specialist in preventive medicine, highlighting the leadership’s post-pandemic shift towards seeing the value of community medicine, for its crucial contribution to public health.

Dr. Al Balushi commended the encouragement provided by the authorities for Emirati doctors to delve into community medicine, thereby making a tangible difference in the field.

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