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Minister of Energy, Infrastructure tours rain-affected areas

Minister of Energy, Infrastructure tours rain-affected areas
9 May 2024 11:38


Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei, toured a number of areas, federal roads, and dams on the eastern coast that were affected by the unprecedented rainfall the country witnessed last month.

Te goal is to review the progress of rehabilitating these areas, as well as improving the efficiency and integrity of dams and roads.

Al Mazrouei directed maintenance of these areas to ensure the safety of the people, protect their properties, and mitigate the damage that can be caused by rain recurrence.

The minister was briefed on the rock berm project, which serves as a radical and permanent solution to future-proof vibrant federal roads on the eastern coast.

Al Mazrouei noted that work is in progress in preparing a thorough study of dams’ need for expansion.

In collaboration with its strategic partners, the ministry is working on developing the infrastructure and improving its resilience to floods and rain.

This includes building an efficient rainwater drainage network and increasing the capacity of dams to contain large volumes of water.

“The Ministry has put in place an integrated operational plan to repair affected federal roads and set up precautionary measures to ensure the continuity and preparedness of rainwater drainage network. We are working diligently on developing a host of solutions to mitigate the damage caused by rain events in the winter,” he explained.

Furthermore, Al Mazrouei stressed the importance of future planning and collaboration between federal and local entities to improve the efficiency of and future-proof infrastructure and dams.

He expressed his gratitude to all teams from the federal and local government, the private sector, and community members who offered their support and helped speed up the recovery after the extreme floods.

Notably, due to the unprecedented rainfall the UAE experienced in April, the 103 dams and lakes run by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure collectively retained 40 million cubic metres, representing 50 percent of their total storage capacity, which amounts to 80 million cubic metres.

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