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Trends expands global reach with new Montreal virtual office

Trends expands global reach with new Montreal virtual office
9 May 2024 10:21


Trends Research and Advisory is set to launch its newest virtual office in Montreal, Canada, marking its fifth global presence, on 12th May, as part of its research tour aimed at participating in conferences and panel discussions in Montreal and Ottawa.

The tour, scheduled from May 11-19, seeks to bolster Trends' global outreach.

The virtual office will serve as a hub for fostering collaborative ties with research and academic institutions across Canada and North America, facilitating research exchanges and knowledge dissemination.

The company will hold its first discussion panel titled, "Think Tanks and Research Centres: Prospective Role in a Turbulent World," which will look into the role of think tanks and research centres in understanding contemporary global challenges and enhancing cooperation between Arab and international think tanks.

The research tour entails site visits to universities and research hubs in Montreal and Ottawa to forge impactful partnerships, enabling insight into cutting-edge research advancements and avenues for collaboration.

Furthermore, Trends will take part in the ACFAS Congress, the largest multidisciplinary gathering in the French-speaking world, running from 13th to 17th May in Ottawa.

The congress will include many events, conferences, and panels centred on research and science.

In Montreal, Trends plans to record three podcast episodes with Canadian experts, delving into pressing contemporary issues.

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