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Sharjah Charity completes 273 educational projects globally in 2023

Sharjah Charity completes 273 educational projects globally in 2023
9 May 2024 09:50


Sharjah Charity International (SCI) announced the completion of 273 educational buildings outside the UAE in 2023, totalling Dh10.8 million.

These buildings encompass classrooms, schools, and significant educational centres as part of the "Let's Learn" project.

SCI's oal is to enhance educational infrastructure in underprivileged countries by constructing classrooms and schools, furnishing them with modern technology such as computers, and providing financial support for teacher salaries.

The vision is to create a nurturing learning environment for students, which will empower them to gain essential knowledge and develop strong values, enabling them to contribute positively to their communities.

Head of Resources and Investment at SCI, Ali Al Rashidi, said these facilities have the potential to serve over 10,000 students annually.

He noted the significance of these projects in providing educational opportunities for children, particularly in remote areas across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Al Rashidi also highlighted the association's monitoring efforts to ensure that the facilities are completed and delivered on schedule, along with regular maintenance to ensure their effectiveness.

Furtyher more he spoken about SCI's collaboration with Al-Qasimia University to improve and promote Quranic studies programmes in various African countries through innovative teaching methods and a comprehensive curriculum.

Notably, discussions are underway for a similar project with Dubai Islamic Bank, further solidifying SCI's commitment to expanding educational opportunities in remote areas across the developing world.

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