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Our ties with UAE are witnessing increasing development: Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan

Our ties with UAE are witnessing increasing development: Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan
8 May 2024 23:47


Roman Shaykhutdinov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, affirmed that his country's strong relations with the UAE are witnessing increasing development, especially in the fields of education and digitisation.

Speaking to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) during the 13th AIM Congress, Shaykhutdinov highlighted the UAE's vibrant cultural, tourism, and investment landscape. He noted the fruitful collaboration in petrochemicals and robotics and emphasised the UAE's role as a pivotal gateway to other markets.

Shaykhutdinov underscored the significant presence of Russian companies in the UAE and praised the nation's advancements in education, scientific research, and culture, alongside its robust economic and commercial growth. “This paves the way for enhancing bilateral cooperation and for the UAE to become a hub for distributing our various products in the region and the world," he said.

In terms of Tatarstan's investment climate, Shaykhutdinov urged UAE and Middle Eastern investors to explore opportunities, particularly in technical sectors and economic zones. Tatarstan boasts two economic zones specialising in cutting-edge technology and industry, with a strong emphasis on the information technology sector, which annually attracts substantial investments and hosts numerous modern technology-focused industrial organisations.

Shaykhutdinov further stressed Tatarstan's support for startups, offering incentives and facilities to nurture their growth, including providing free land and other privileges.

Regarding the AIM Congress, he underpinned its global significance in fostering cooperation, particularly among BRICS countries. "Tatarstan recognises the potential of investment and collaborative endeavours within the BRICS framework, which align with its multifaceted developmental objectives," he said.

Source: WAM
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