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UAE strongly condemns Israeli forces' invasion and seizure of Rafah border crossing

UAE strongly condemns Israeli forces invasion and seizure of Rafah border crossing
8 May 2024 16:00


The UAE has condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli forces' invasion and seizure of the Rafah border crossing in southern Gaza, and warned against military escalation that threatens to cause the loss of more innocent life and exacerbate the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, the UAE stresses the need to ensure the safe and unhindered flow of humanitarian aid and delivery of life-saving supplies to the population in the Strip.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) reaffirmed its strong condemnation of any forced displacement of the brotherly Palestinian people, and all practices that violate the resolutions of international legitimacy and international and humanitarian law.

The Ministry called on the international community to undertake immediate efforts to reach a ceasefire to avoid further loss of life and prevent fuelling the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, while preventing regional spill-over that risks further violence, tension, and instability.

In this regard, the Ministry commended the mediation efforts undertaken by the State of Qatar and the Arab Republic of Egypt to reach a ceasefire, expressing hope that it would result in a truce that leads to an end to the war, protecting the brotherly Palestinian people from further suffering and reinforcing pillars of stability and achieving sustainable peace in the region.

The Ministry reaffirmed the UAE's position calling for a return to negotiations to achieve the two-state solution with an independent Palestinian state, emphasising the urgent need to find a political horizon to return to negotiations to achieve comprehensive peace, bringing a halt to tensions and violence, and safeguarding the lives of civilians, while facilitating the urgent delivery of aid to the people of Gaza in a safe and sustainable manner, without impediment.

Source: WAM
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