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Abu Dhabi Police’s ‘We Are All Police’ initiative continues to foster community engagement

Abu Dhabi Police’s ‘We Are All Police’ initiative continues to foster community engagement
8 May 2024 08:51


The Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (GHQ) has marked a significant milestone in community engagement with the continued success of its “We Are All Police” initiative that was initially launched in 1975. The initiative is a testament to the department’s commitment to strengthening police-community relations.

His Excellency Staff Major General Pilot Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Commander-in-Chief of the Abu Dhabi Police, said the initiative has already garnered substantial public support, with 1,369 volunteers enrolling in the first quarter of 2024, contributing 33,519 hours of service across 141 projects.

Staff Major General Pilot Al Mazrouei said volunteers have played a crucial role in enhancing the security and safety of commercial centres, events, and various activities throughout the Emirate.

The initiative’s impact is evident in the 2,453 traffic, social, and security reports filed by volunteers, demonstrating a heightened sense of responsibility and a proactive stance in assisting security agencies, he said.

The “We Are All Police” initiative has strengthened public trust in the services provided by the GHQ, focusing on the community’s role in security as a shared responsibility and a cornerstone of sustainable development.

The initiative welcomes individuals of diverse nationalities residing in Abu Dhabi to volunteer in their communities and neighbourhoods.

Colonel Dr. Hammoud Saeed Al Afari, Director of the Community Police Department at Abu Dhabi Police, lauded the volunteers’ dedication and their effective role in supporting the security system and enhancing public trust in the services provided by the Abu Dhabi Police.

Colonel Dr. Al Afari commended the role played by the “We Are All Police” initiative in representing the strategy of the DHQ in sustaining security and safety.

During the first quarter of 2024, the Abu Dhabi Police launched the “We Are All Police” electronic magazine, a semi-annual publication available in both Arabic and English. The magazine aims to highlight the critical role of the Abu Dhabi Police in fostering a sense of responsibility and encouraging community participation in volunteer policing efforts, the Director said.

Colonel Dr. Al Afari expressed his gratitude for the support from the police leadership, which has been instrumental in enhancing police performance, according to international best practices, to maintain what the Abu Dhabi Police have achieved in their journey of development, modernisation, and enhancement of the level of police work.

He emphasised the initiative’s success in instilling a spirit of shared responsibility and its contribution to the emirate’s ongoing efforts to ensure a secure, safe, and tranquil society.

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