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TRENDS Youth Council for the year 2024-2025 formed

TRENDS Youth Council for the year 2024-2025 formed
8 May 2024 08:47


TRENDS Research and Advisory announced the restructuring of the TRENDS Youth Council for the year 2024-2025. The new council shall enhance the research role and refine young researchers’ skills as future leaders who can deliver major achievements and fulfil future visions.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said: “The restructuring process falls in line with the Centre’s vision to empower young people and continue the development process. TRENDS is keen to create a conducive work environment that achieves the ambitions of young researchers. It involves them in the management of various sectors, and enables them to make decisions and promote scientific research.”

Dr. Al-Ali expressed his confidence in the members of the Youth Council in its new form, and trusted their ability to achieve the objectives.  He expressed his appreciation for the previous Council’s members, praised their hard work and achievements, which he described as a source of pride for TRENDS and its researchers.

The head of the new Youth Council, Al-Anoud AlHosani, expressed her gratitude to the management of TRENDS for the trust it conferred upon the members. She indicated that TRENDS Youth Council shall contribute effectively to the body of distinguished researchers, who have immense experience of genuine scientific research. She said: “Since its establishment, TRENDS Research and Advisory has focused on developing the skills of young people. It supported and encouraged them to engage in the field of scientific research, believing that youth represent the pillar of progress and advancement of any society.”

The TRENDS Youth Council consists of seven members, Al Anoud Al Hosani as chairperson, Zayed Al Dhaheri as vice-chairperson, and Mariam Al Jenaibi, Ali Abdullah Al Ali, Amna Al Balushi, Issa Thani, and Salama Al Hamli as members.

The Council is a framework where visions and ideas are exchanged, including discussion of the latest issues and events of concern. The Council decides on how young people can contribute to such issues and visions.

The Council communicates with similar youth bodies to engage with young researchers. TRENDS Youth Council shall participate in youth events, and represents TRENDS Research and Advisory in such forums.

The Federal Youth Authority has endorsed the TRENDS Youth Council as one of the accredited Youth Councils, in recognition of its outstanding efforts in supporting young researchers, and empowering them.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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