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MoHRE enhances auxiliary labour recruitment with accredited agencies

MoHRE enhances auxiliary labour recruitment with accredited agencies
8 May 2024 08:03


To streamline auxiliary labour recruitment, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has highlighted four advantages to engaging with accredited agencies, including a two-year guarantee, access to trained labour, streamlined processing, and a variety of service packages tailored to traditional, flexible, and temporary needs.

An updated list of 111 accredited recruitment centres has been issued by the MoHRE on April 26, with a notable presence in Abu Dhabi, which hosts 38 centres, with 21 in Abu Dhabi city, 16 in Al Ain, and one in Al Dhafra Region. Dubai follows with 33 centres, and seven in Sharjah, five in Sharjah city and one each in Kalba and Khorfakkan. Additionally, there are 15 centres in Ajman, 11 in Ras Al Khaimah, and six in Fujairah, with four in Fujairah city and one each in Dibba Al Fujairah and Masafi, along with one in Umm Al Quwain.

The Ministry urges employers and citizen and resident families to deal with these accredited centres to protect their rights and take advantage of the structured services that adhere to strict standards and regulations, ensuring the rights of all parties. The MoHRE sternly warned unlicensed agencies from practicing, or licensed agencies who commit violations, committing to take legal action against those found in violation, with varied penalties, according to the nature of the violation.

The Ministry urged clients to visit the MoHRE website at to review the list of accredited agencies and avoid the risks associated with dealing with unaccredited entities.
The MoHRE’s introduction of three distinct labour recruitment packages – traditional, temporary, and flexible – aims to cater to diverse employer needs and reinforce a balanced and regulated labour environment. Each package comes with its own range of costs.

The traditional package offers a two-year guarantee and support until the worker is placed with the employer, including provisions for replacement or refund in case of any of five cases, including four cases during the first six months trial period, which are: lack of professional competence, terminating the contract, refusing to work, and the recruitment agency not adhering to the agreed conditions with the employer.

The temporary package offers a two-year contract for a qualified labourer, including training and support throughout the term. It covers the worker’s  accommodation, basic salary, return ticket, end-of-service benefits, and legal entitlements. The agency handles residence procedures, monthly salary, healthcare, and worker replacement if needed. If the worker is returned, the employer receives a refund for the unused period.

The flexible package system offers a trained labourer for flexible periods (hours, days, weeks, months, six months, or a year), ensuring the worker’s welfare during the contract. Costs cover the worker’s agency-provided accommodation, not the employer’s. The agency handles residency procedures, accommodation, salary, and legal benefits. Working hours are capped at eight per day, with the agency covering healthcare and transport. The agency also compensates for any worker-caused damages. Contract termination is allowed upon terms breach, and if work ceases or the employer ends the contract prematurely, the agency will settle accounts based on the worker’s service duration.

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