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Dubai Police cut electronic evidence processing time by over half

Major General Ahmad bin Ghulaita, Director of the General Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology
7 May 2024 17:18


Dubai Police have successfully reduced the processing time for electronic evidence cases from 27 days to 12 days by implementing a new workflow between their laboratory and police stations.

The General Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology has developed this new operational path to primarily benefit simple complaints and reports submitted by individuals.

Major General Ahmad bin Ghulaita, Director of the General Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology, reaffirmed that the department strives to address challenges and transform them into creative opportunities that enhance operational systems and achieve high-performance levels.

Expert Engineer Colonel Rashid Lootah, Director of Electronic Forensic Evidence, highlighted a thorough analysis of the time-related processes for electronic cases, such as social media communications (phone examinations) and surveillance camera footage review, that was conducted.

"From complaint registration at the police station to the delivery of the report, this initiative has turned a significant challenge into an opportunity for improvement, ensuring swifter case handling," he said.

Colonel Lootah added that the new timeline system includes placing electronic evidence experts and technical officers at police stations and modifying the workflow to allow rapid coordination between the forensic laboratory and evidence officers at the police stations.

"This change has significantly decreased the number of cases forwarded to the central laboratory to 30%, reduced the timeline for handling simple electronic complaints by 15 days, and minimised the need for individuals to visit more than once," he explained. 

Source: Aletihad - Dubai
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