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Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination launches project for accessible outdoor games

Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination launches project for accessible outdoor games
5 May 2024 16:22


Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) inaugurated the project of accessible and equipped outdoor games for people of determination and their families in three different centres of its care and rehabilitation centres.

These include Abu Dhabi Centre, Al Ain Centre for Autism, and Ghayathi Centre in Al Dhafra Region.

The main goal is to provide recreational areas that serve as outlets for students with disabilities, catering to the requirements of various types of disabilities to encourage them to be active, engage in sports activities, and enhance their sensory skills.

All that is done within the framework of the organisation's strategic initiatives to support this valuable segment and prioritise and excel them by providing civil facilities and advanced services that contribute to their integration into daily life.

This project came with the support of the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority as part of the global "World of Kindness" initiative for early childhood development, through which the authority seeks to monitor and address the local and global challenges facing young children.

Its second edition focuses on three main axes: effective education, culture and identity, and sustainable and family-friendly cities, emphasising the importance of envisioning a world where young children can grow and thrive in healthy, safe, and stimulating environments.

It is important to note that the project contributes to making Abu Dhabi an inclusive, accessible, and enabling city for people of determination, by providing a suitable environment that allows equal access for them while providing rights, services, and opportunities.

This aims to enhance social cohesion and solidarity and ensure that all segments receive the necessary care and support, as the authority has provided a range of outdoor games adapted and integrated for people of determination, selected by the organisation to suit the beneficiary categories.

The opening was attended by representatives from ZHO, including Abdullah Al Hammadi, Secretary-General of the organisation; Abdullah Al Kamali, Executive Director of the People of Determination Sector; and Nafea Al Hammadi, Executive Director of Support Services Sector. From the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, Sanaa Suhail, General Manager of the Authority, and Thamer Al Qasimi, Executive Director of Special Projects and Partnerships, were present.

Al Hammadi praised the UAE's experience in developing infrastructure in all facilities and buildings to accommodate people of determination, facilitating their empowerment and integration into society.

Additionally, he thanked the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority for their fruitful and distinguished cooperation with the organisation in this initiative and in many successful projects for the benefit of people of determination.

Al Hammadi further emphasised the importance of disseminating successful experiences in this regard by some institutions concerned with this segment, which have succeeded in empowering and integrating them into society.

He also stated that installing outdoor games adapted for people of determination in the organisation's care and rehabilitation centres represents an important step towards enhancing the inclusivity of the environment and improving the quality of life for this important segment of society.

Al Hammadi added that great care was taken in designing and installing outdoor games to ensure easy and safe access, and to meet the needs of all individuals regardless of their physical or mental abilities.

He stressed the importance of enhancing awareness efforts to empower people of determination, educating people about the correct concepts related to them, ensuring the safety of the infrastructure in terms of its ability to accommodate them without obstacles or hurdles, and working to provide smart applications that serve as gateways to facilitate their access to various services.

Furthermore, he explained that the concept of environmental adaptation is about overcoming the obstacles and difficulties faced by people with determination to create an environment that meets their needs and requirements, whether in the workplace, home, or public facilities.

The goal is to create a facilitative and enabling environment for people of determination that facilitates their integration, interaction, and fosters a sense of security and stability, thereby leading them to activate their belonging and role in serving society and elevating the nation.

General Manager of the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, Sanaa Mohammed Suhail, commended the significant role played by Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination in ensuring the empowerment and integration of children with determination into society, and providing the best care and attention to them through diagnostic services, therapeutic plans, and rehabilitation services provided by the organisation.

She stressed the need to enhance cooperation among various entities to empower this important segment of society and provide an integrated and nurturing environment for people of determination, to achieve empowerment and social integration goals.

She pointed out that developing suitable recreational facilities for children with determination is essential to empower these children and ensure their active participation in social life, enhance their well-being, and guarantee equal opportunities for participation in recreational and educational activities like any other child.

This helps reinforce their sense of belonging to the community and encourages interaction and communication among all children, promoting values of understanding and mutual respect.

Suhail affirmed that the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority, through the "World of Kindness" global initiative for early childhood development, is committed to supporting the efforts of various partners through close cooperation and working together to provide equal and equitable opportunities for all children, including children with determination, towards achieving the country's aspirations for establishing an inclusive and cohesive society that embraces everyone, respects diversity, and promotes values of cooperation and solidarity.

The project, which will be available to families and children in the residential areas surrounding the Al Ain Centre for Autism and Ghayathi Centre for Care and Rehabilitation, contributes to enhancing the physical and mental health of people with determination by providing opportunities for them to engage in outdoor physical activities to improve their physical fitness, enhance their general health, and promote their mental well-being.

Additionally, it fosters social interaction by providing a shared environment for outdoor games, which enhances interaction and communication among people with determination and their peers from other classes, thus reducing social isolation and promoting integration.

The outdoor games project works on developing skills for people with determination such as balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, motor control, and strategic thinking.

It also enhances their abilities to participate in outdoor activities independently, helping them strengthen feelings of independence, self-confidence, and the ability to face challenges.

Additionally, it encourages environmental awareness through interaction with the natural environment, increasing their awareness of the importance of environmental conservation and appreciation of the beauty of nature.

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