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"Joint Assessment Team" declares end of adverse weather conditions in UAE

"Joint Assessment Team" declares end of adverse weather conditions in UAE
3 May 2024 21:38


The Joint Weather and Tropical Assessment Team has declared the end of the weather event that affected the UAE over the past few days.

The team stated that they had intensified monitoring and follow-up operations over the past few days to ensure that the necessary measures have been taken to deal with the weather event in a proactive, professional, and flexible manner by the relevant authorities.

The team held a series of meetings chaired by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) with the participation of the Ministry of Interior, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), and a number of competent government agencies. The meetings focused on discussing all scenarios to develop preventive and precautionary measures after studying and evaluating the conditions in the areas affected by the weather event in the country.

For their part, NCM confirmed the end of the weather event that affected the country, as the severity of the event gradually subsided from late Thursday evening and was limited to the north and east of the country. The centre said their teams are working around the clock to provide effective and continuous weather forecasts and information, which contributes significantly to the safety of citizens and residents.

For their part, the Ministry of Interior affirmed that the central operations centres and rooms, field and specialist teams are present and on high alert to deal with the weather event proactively to ensure the safety of life and property.

The competent committees and teams were also in continuous session during the weather event to ensure a rapid response to all emergencies and the continuity of business operations. The teams will continue their field tasks and work to ensure the smooth flow of traffic on all roads affected by the weather event.

MoI praised the role of the relevant authorities and their efficiency in contributing to ensuring stability and safety in society, and commended the positive role of the community, which was reflected in the public's awareness and commitment to safety instructions, procedures, and instructions from the competent authorities.

With the end of the weather event, the Joint Weather and Meteorological Conditions Assessment Team commended the role of the various authorities and praised the rapid response taken on the ground to ensure the mitigation of the effects of the weather event. The team applauded the public's high level of awareness and responsible behavior. By following official instructions and avoiding rumours, they significantly helped mitigate the impact of the weather event.

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