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Dubai Municipality: Rapid response teams effectively address weather conditions

Dubai Municipality: Rapid response teams effectively address weather conditions
3 May 2024 09:05


The Dubai Municipality has been proactively dealing with the challenges posed by the recent heavy rainfall across the Emirate. Operating on a round-the-clock work schedule, the municipality immediately handled numerous reports concerning rainwater accumulation from the public, thanks to its dedicated WhatsApp number for real-time reporting.

The municipality’s rapid response was orchestrated by emergency teams, comprising 783 specialised engineers and technicians, 2,032 drivers, and support staff. The readiness of the emergency teams underscores Dubai’s commitment to ensure public safety during weather-induced complications.

The municipality also worked on draining rainwater through the ground rain drainage network, which consists of about 73,000 drains, spanning 4.5 million metres, incorporating about 35,000 ground inspection chambers. The network leads rainwater to collection lakes, and then to 61 rainwater pumping stations, which is then discharged through 28 outlets into the Arabian Gulf or Dubai Creek.

The rain drainage network in Dubai was designed based on various factors, including historical statistics of rainfall quantities, regional climatic patterns, and the need for regular maintenance. The municipality has transitioned from fully closed to hollow-type inspection chamber covers, facilitating better water flow and enhancing efficiency.

Dubai Municipality has placed all its teams on full alert, as part of its comprehensive annual proactive plan, to deal with emergency situations. The city’s infrastructure is lauded as one of the most advanced and sustainable globally.

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