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Traffic safety takes front seat at Mobility Live Middle East session in Abu Dhabi

Traffic safety takes front seat at Mobility Live Middle East session in Abu Dhabi
2 May 2024 08:23


Forging strong collaboration among stakeholders is vital to ensure the efficiency and prompt implementation of traffic safety strategies, heard a session during the Mobility Live Middle East conference in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

Titled “Shared Decision... One Vision”, the session delved into the advancements in fields of smart cities and mobility innovation.

The session, moderated by George Zakhem, Business Development and Partnership Manager at Emirates Driving Company, heard insights from officials from Abu Dhabi Mobility, Abu Dhabi Police, and Department of Municipalities and Transport.

Ahmed Al Zaidy, Head of Traffic and Road Safety Engineering Department at Abu Dhabi Police, stressed that traffic safety is a societal responsibility. The formation of the joint committee for traffic safety aims to expedite decisions related to traffic safety in Abu Dhabi, he noted.

One of the most crucial aspects being studied pertains to road user behaviour, particularly speed review in Abu Dhabi and their impact on the traffic safety outcomes, including fatalities, Al Zaidy said.

Ibrahim Al Shamisi, Section Head - Traffic Engineering and Road Safety for External Regions & Al Dhafra Region, at Abu Dhabi Police emphasised the integration of systems with artificial intelligence, such as smart gates. These systems are collaborative initiatives between the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), Municipalities, and the General Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police.

Al Shamisi highlighted the importance of continuous joint efforts and the deployment of specialised teams to study accidents with a focus on driver behaviour and engineering improvements to achieve the goal of zero accidents.

Sumaya Al Neyadi, Section Head of Traffic Safety at Abu Dhabi Mobility, highlighted the utilisation of technology for mobility across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with a particular emphasis on enhancing traffic safety.

“Safety is a comprehensive, collaborative process, and an integrated system aimed at benefitting the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,” she stated.

Mohamed Al Qubaisi, Section Head of Transport and Infrastructure Planning within the Urban Planning Division of the Planning and Infrastructure Sector at the Department of Municipalities and Transport, affirmed that traffic safety stands as a paramount priority for the transport department, alongside other departments in Abu Dhabi.

For his part, Abdulla AlEryani, Studies and Design Director at ITC (Abu Dhabi) stressed the necessity of implementing traffic safety curricula in schools to educate children about road safety.

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