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Ajman schools, workplaces to shift to remote due to weather conditions

Ajman schools, workplaces to shift to remote due to weather conditions
1 May 2024 20:42


The local Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Team in the emirate of Ajman, in coordination with the Human Resources Department, has decided to activate the remote work system for the employees of the government of Ajman on Thursday, 2nd May 2024, except for roles that need on-site presence at the workplace, due to the expected weather conditions, in order to ensure public safety.

The team also decided, in coordination with the Ajman Private Education Coordination Office, to switch to distance learning in private schools in the emirate on Thursday, 2nd May and Friday, 3rd May, due to weather fluctuations in the country in order to ensure the safety of the administrative and teaching staffs and students.

The decision followed an Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) announcement of moving to remote learning in public schools across the nation on Thursday and Friday.

In anticipation of the coming weather, the team encourages private companies in the emirate to implement flexible work arrangements for their employees and prioritise worker safety by taking appropriate precautions while ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations at all external work locations

Source: WAM
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