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NCEMA elevates readiness to deal with current weather condition

NCEMA elevates readiness to deal with current weather condition
1 May 2024 13:30


The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) has elevated the readiness and preparedness levels of the national system to deal with the current weather conditions in the country.

The Joint Weather and Tropical Assessment Team held several meetings, which were chaired by NCEMA in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, the National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) and other competent government entities. They emphasised the importance of maintaining business continuity plans and closely monitoring the ongoing weather situation and its impacts across the country.

Based on the expected weather conditions, the Ministry of Interior recommended, in coordination with NCEMA, activating remote learning on Thursday and Friday for all educational institutions, with decisions to be made by the competent authorities at the federal level and officials of local emergency management teams, in coordination with the Ministry of Education and the Emirates Schools Establishment.

Remote work systems have been advised for all government and private sector on Thursday and Friday, except for vital jobs that require presence at the workplace and those involved in response and recovery efforts. Decisions regarding this will be made by the competent authorities at both the federal and local levels and the local emergency management teams, in consultation with relevant agencies.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with NCEMA, decided to close all roads leading to areas prone to flash floods, water accumulations, and dams during the weather conditions. They urged the public to stay away from these areas and adhere to safety standards and guidelines, avoid mountainous, desert, and coastal areas, comply with the directives of the competent authorities, refrain from circulating rumours, and rely on official sources for information.

From Wednesday to Thursday, the NCM expects moderate to heavy rain to fall in scattered areas, accompanied by occasional lightning and thunder. There is also a possibility of small hail, concentrated in the western regions, on the coasts, and in some eastern areas.

On Friday and Saturday, cloud quantities will decrease, with the possibility of continuing light to medium rain, which may be heavy in some southern and eastern regions.

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