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Ministry of Education announces schedule, rules for upcoming professional licence exams

Ministry of Education announces schedule, rules for upcoming professional licence exams
1 May 2024 08:34


The Ministry of Education (MoE) has opened the registration for the educational professional licence examinations, inviting current educators to secure their spots by May 5 for tests commencing on June 2. This initiative is part of a broader effort to elevate the standards of teaching and school administration across the UAE.

The MoE released a detailed exam schedule for June, encompassing school leadership for all educational levels, special education for all grades, along with computer science, physical education, Arabic, and vocational studies for Grades 2 and 3, in addition to physics for Grade 3.

The Educational Professions Licensure System is a cornerstone of the MoE’s strategy to benchmark educational workers’ performance, ensuring their proficiency and readiness for the evolving demands of the knowledge era. The system is a gateway to continuous professional development, offering support programmes that align with the challenges of the education process, ensuring providing high-quality education to students.

The MoE has extended, to Emirati citizens, the opportunity to participate in the licensing process, highlighting the limited availability of seats. The ministry has made training modules for the exams available on its official website.

According to 2022 statistics issued by the MoE, over 33,800 educators from various specialties have been awarded educational and specialised licences, enhancing both government and private school teaching standards.

The MoE has set strict regulations prohibiting the possession of study materials, notes, or electronic devices during the exams. Candidates are also bound by confidentiality agreements to prevent the distribution of exam content through reproduction or communication. It reiterated that candidates are strictly forbidden to discuss or share exam content amongst themselves or through external channels.

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