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Expected inclement weather to be less severe than recent rains – NCM

Expected inclement weather to be less severe than recent rains – NCM
1 May 2024 01:51


The UAE is expected to experience another bout of unstable weather this week, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) forecast, but the centre has assured the public that this round will be less severe than the heavy rainfall of April 16. 

The NCM forecast convective rain clouds to form on Wednesday, with a possibility of small-sized hail in eastern regions, extending to internal and western regions, according to the centre.

Forecast for Thursday predicts moderate to heavy rainfall, a significant drop in temperatures, strong winds, and blowing dust. There is also a possibility of small-sized hail, concentrated in the western regions, the coasts, and some eastern areas.

Government departments across the country have also assured the public that all preparations have been made to deal with any effects of adverse weather conditions. 

In light of the predicted adverse weather, the Dubai Government on Tuesday announced that the emirate's private schools will transfer to remote learning on Thursday and Friday (May 2-3, 2024).

Weather in Abu Dhabi Emirate 

Abu Dhabi is expected to experience varying intensities of rainfall, along with thunder and lightening, with fresh to strong winds and dust in exposed areas on Thursday.

Al Ain on Thursday is expected to witness rainfall of varying intensities, thunder, lightening, and small-sized hail at times, along with strong winds that could reduce visibility. The southern regions of Al Ain are expected to experience moderate to heavy rainfall from Friday until Sunday.

The forecast for Al Dhafra includes rainfall of different intensities, accompanied by thunder and lighting, with intermittent small-sized hail on Thursday. The region is also expected to experience periodic fresh to strong winds and blowing dust on Thursday, reducing visibility. Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected in the southern areas of Al Dhafra from Friday through Sunday.

In the rest of the country, cloud formations should gradually decrease on Friday and Saturday, with the possibility of continued light to medium-intensity rain, which may be heavy in some southern and eastern regions.

Proactive Preparations

The Joint Weather and Tropical Assessment Team met on Tuesday to discuss potential impacts of the expected adverse weather.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) led the meeting, which included representatives from the Ministry of Interior (MoI), NCM, and other relevant departments. 
Attendees emphasised the importance of having continuity of business plans and closely monitoring weather updates.

The MoI affirmed that the Supreme Committee for Internal Security, headed by the MoI Undersecretary, is fully coordinating with the Joint Weather and Tropical Assessment Team, and is continuously monitoring all developments to assess expected impacts, especially during the country's recovery phase.

The MoI said that it has taken proactive measures to support response operations, and urged the public to exercise caution, adhere to safety guidelines, and rely on official sources of information.

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) has also said that it is prepared to ensure the safety of public infrastructure, particularly roads and dams.

The MoEI is proactively draining water from dams to reduce pressure and accommodate new rainfall, and is cleaning water drains. Advanced systems and modern technologies used in dam management will play a vital role in enhancing dam efficiency and enabling rapid decision-making while monitoring rainwater flows, floods, and flash floods in valleys, the ministry said.

Abu Dhabi Authorities

At the local level, the Government of Abu Dhabi has confirmed that the emirate's public entities are prepared to deal with any ramifications of the expected adverse weather.

The Abu Dhabi Police General HQ (ADP) has reaffirmed that its main and supporting teams are prepared to respond to emergency cases. The police also confirmed that work is ongoing to enhance joint efforts among local entities, ensuring swift responses through coordination and standardising responses. 

The ADP also said that it has initiated its emergency protocols, deployed support patrols, and implemented numerous preventive measures, including increasing the number of personnel in its operation rooms. The police are also activating early alarm systems, which involve sending alert messages to Abu Dhabi residents to update them on safety measures.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority has also said that it's prepared to respond to stormy weather, and called on the public to adhere to safety measures and to avoid watersheds, valleys, and flooded areas. The authority urged the public to avoid contact with any exposed electrical appliances and devices during heavy rainfall, and to call 999 in case of emergency.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Centre also said that it has made proactive plans to follow up on developments 24/7 through its operation centre.

The Department of Energy, alongside energy sector firms and water solutions companies, have prepared emergency maintenance teams and rapid response units to address potential power disruptions. Assets like backup generators and water reserves are on standby to assist local authorities.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport – Abu Dhabi has improved the readiness of municipal services and road and transportation services, and has more maintenance teams and resources available to be deployed for swift responses. 

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre have also reaffirmed their ongoing coordination with relevant authorities to expedite responses. The Emirates Red Crescent Authority has likewise prepared its emergency and crisis teams, volunteer groups, and logistical support units, who are ready to provide shelter, sustenance, and basic supplies if needed.
The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi also has technical teams and environmental experts standing by to address emergencies, evaluate environmental conditions, and implement precautionary measures.

In Case of Emergency

In case of emergency, individuals can contact the following numbers: Abu Dhabi Police and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority (999), Electricity Emergency (991), Water Emergency (992), and Department of Municipalities and Transport – Abu Dhabi (993) to report instances of fallen trees and rainwater accumulation. 

The authorities have strongly urged the public to follow all weather updates and alerts from the NCM and official media outlets. 

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