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UAE-Romania Joint Committee holds 3rd Ministerial Meeting

UAE-Romania Joint Committee holds 3rd Ministerial Meeting
29 Apr 2024 15:52


The third Ministerial meeting of the UAE-Romania Joint Committee took place at the Romanian Parliament Palace in Bucharest.

The Emirati delegation was led by the Head of the Office of International Affairs at the Presidential Court,  Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, with Romania represented by its Prime Minister, Marcel Ciolacu, and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Sorin Grindeanu.

Ciolacu extended a warm welcome to Almheiri and the accompanying delegation, commending the robust relations between the UAE and Romania across various economic, trade, and investment sectors.

He emphasised the UAE's significant role as a major partner for Romania in the region and highlighted the mutual interest of both countries' leaderships in strengthening bilateral ties for the benefit of their peoples.

UAE Ambassador to Romania, Sultan Mohamed Al Ali, was also in attendance, alongside several senior officials from UAE government entities, as well as representatives from the private sector, business community, institutions, and companies from both nations.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed enhancing cooperation in key sectors vital to both countries.

This includes tourism, education, scientific research, health, industry, small and medium enterprises, renewable energy, civil aviation, agriculture, and food security.

Moreover, investment cooperation and opportunities within the Romanian market were explored, with a focus on inviting UAE companies and funds to invest.

Almheiri commended the strength and depth of bilateral relations, underscoring the forward-focused vision of the leaderships of both countries, built on trust and the foundations of long-term cooperation.

She further emphasised the significance of fostering trade exchange and building strong partnerships across various sectors, particularly in small and medium enterprises.

Additionally, she highlighted the breadth of investment opportunities available, urging UAE business owners and investors to explore the investment landscape and new opportunities in sectors such as trade, energy, renewable energy, technology, agriculture, transportation, logistics services, tourism, knowledge exchange, and cybersecurity.

Furthermore, she reiterated the Committee's commitment to developing significant initiatives and partnerships to enhance joint endeavours, overcome challenges, and ensure tangible results for the benefit of both countries and their peoples.

The meeting concluded with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania.

The MoU, signed by the Secretary-General of the Federation, Humaid Mohamed ben Salem, and the Deputy General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, Bogdan Visan, aims to further strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries.

Al Ali hosted a dinner at the UAE Embassy after the meeting, with Almheiri engaging with UAE business owners and investors to discuss investment projects and new opportunities which emerged from the Joint Committee meeting.

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