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Dubai Foundation for Women and Children launches 'Positive Parenting' programme

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children launches 'Positive Parenting' programme
28 Apr 2024 18:12


In a landmark initiative aimed at reinforcing the societal pillars of the nation, the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) announced the launch of the ‘Positive Parenting’ programme.

This initiative forms a central pillar of the visionary Dubai Social Agenda 33, which proclaims ‘Family the Foundation of Our Nation’ as its theme and pledges Dh208 billion of government support, as announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, towards its progressive blueprint over the coming decade.

The initiative is a strategic response inspired by the belief that a strong family nucleus is crucial to the emergence of a prosperous and inclusive society.

It is designed to promote robust communication, dialogue, and positive interaction within families, with a special focus on the bond between parents and children, thus reinforcing the family's central role in the growth and prosperity of Dubai's society.

The Positive Parenting programme advocates a shift from traditional parenting towards positive parenting practices that support the holistic development of children and the overall wellbeing of families. It places a strong emphasis on professional development for those in childcare and educational roles, ensuring a comprehensive approach to nurturing the nation's future leaders.

Sheikha Al Mansouri, Acting Director-General of DFWAC, highlighting the scientific underpinnings of the programme, said: “The programme is part of the efforts to support parents and workers in the family sector in applying modern educational concepts and foundations. It is based on scientific research results in the fields of psychology and neuropsychology and covers several themes, such as positive communication skills, interaction with oneself and children, strategies for dealing with behavioural challenges, equipping parents with skills for positive adaptation to stress, and dealing with the various challenges that families face, especially those related to social media and peer pressure.”


DFWAC is responsible for supervising the implementation of the Positive Parenting programme, which supports the objectives of the Dubai Social Agenda 33 to consolidate the values and principles of positive, fruitful and influential interaction within families and between parents and children in society through practical initiatives.

The first of these is an educational training programme entitled ‘Positive Family’ that aims to enable parents and workers in the psychological, social and educational settings to use effective positive educational skills during their interaction with children, to meet their developmental needs.

Preparing generations qualified to design and lead future opportunities in a cohesive society that adheres to its values and identity is the ultimate objective.

The programme, which involves a series of 12 expert-led training sessions for parents, caregivers, and professionals in mental health, social work and education, is designed to equip future generations with the necessary skills to create and seize opportunities. DFWAC will issue a training manual for positive families as a guidance document to provide the necessary support.

The programme also aims to train workers in psychological, social, and educational settings to use effective positive educational skills during their interactions with children to meet their needs. Furthermore, it seeks to provide intensive training to professionals in these sectors to help them develop strategies for dealing with the behavioral challenges that families may encounter.

Three-Day Programme; Two Sessions

The programme's themes are divided into two sessions. The morning session on the first day is held under the title ‘Positive Parenting and its Results,’ and discusses two related topics, the first being ‘Introduction to Positive Parenting: Definitions, Concepts and Differences from Traditional Parenting,’ while the second topic covers ‘Positive Parenting and its impact; an overview of psychological and neurological research that supports positive parenting.’

As for the evening session, it discusses communication and positive interaction with oneself and children and the importance of positive communication with children and the techniques which enable it.

On the second day, the programme sessions will resume discussions around the main theme, which is enhancing school success skills and dealing with behavioral challenges. The morning session will discuss strategies and tools to support children in school to succeed, as well as the developmental needs of children in childhood and adolescence through understanding the developmental needs at different stages and how to meet them.

As for the evening session, it will examine strategies, techniques, and methods to deal with various behavioral challenges.

On its third day, the programme is set to deliver a comprehensive exploration of positive care strategies tailored for talented and exceptional children. With a specific focus on family adaptation to challenges, the morning session will offer insights on the best practices and essential tools for supporting the unique needs of gifted and talented children. The programme will also meticulously examine positive parental adjustment, offering valuable guidance on managing parental stress and imparting effective techniques for navigating daily challenges.

During the evening session, attention will shift towards the critical task of managing family challenges in the context of the pervasive influence of social media.

Participants will engage in discussions centered around the development and implementation of strategies and tools aligned with the principles of positive parenting. The programme will address various aspects of family challenges related to the impact of social media on parenting, ensuring a holistic exploration of this topic.

The last segment of the programme will involve an insightful discussion on dealing with peer pressure. Participants will gain valuable insights into effective approaches for helping children navigate and cope with pressures emanating from both their peers and society at large.

This comprehensive three-day programme aims to equip participants with a well-rounded set of tools and knowledge to foster positive family dynamics and support the development of exceptional children

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