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Emirati Human Resources Development Council, KPMG Lower Gulf join forces for Emiratisation

Emirati Human Resources Development Council, KPMG Lower Gulf join forces for Emiratisation
28 Apr 2024 18:01


The Emirati Human Resources Development Council in Dubai and KPMG Lower Gulf announced a partnership to enhance their Emiratisation initiatives across various sectors.

Established through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), this collaboration underscores both parties' commitment to integrating UAE nationals into the workforce and supporting the nation's vision for a diversified and sustainable economy.

The MoU was signed by Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Deputy Chairman of the Council and the Director-General of the Human Resources Department in Dubai, and Emilio Pera, CEO and Senior Partner of KPMG Lower Gulf. This agreement reinforces a joint commitment to offering employment opportunities, extensive training programmes, career guidance, and transferring of expertise which is essential for cultivating a capable Emirati workforce.

Under this MoU, KPMG Lower Gulf commits to enhancing its workforce with Emirati talent through tailored job opportunities that align with the UAE's strategic Emiratisation goals.

KPMG Lower Gulf will also offer comprehensive training programmes designed to qualify and develop Emirati cadres.

The MoU also includes providing career guidance and counselling to help Emirati nationals align their career paths with national Emiratisation objectives.

Training by Qualified Experts

The partnership facilitates the transfer of knowledge and training by providing access to qualified experts who will contribute to the training and mentoring of citizens. Involvement in community initiatives and offering practical training opportunities for students at local universities and institutes are also integral parts of the MoU’s objectives.

Highlighting the importance of this partnership, Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, Chairman of the Council, stated, “This MoU with KPMG Lower Gulf represents an empowering partnership towards fulfilling the vision of our wise leadership for developing a skilled Emirati workforce ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our collaborative efforts aim to create a robust platform for UAE Nationals to excel and contribute effectively to our nation’s socio-economic progress.”

Emilio Pera, CEO and Senior Partner at KPMG Lower Gulf, said, “We are honoured to enter into this partnership with the Emirati Human Resources Development Council, reflecting our commitment to continue supporting the UAE’s strategic Emiratisation efforts and the leadership’s vision, as we have done for over 50 years."

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