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UAE: Misusing veto power undermines international confidence and exacerbates conflict

UAE: Misusing veto power undermines international confidence and exacerbates conflict
25 Apr 2024 01:24


The UAE stressed that misusing veto power undermines international confidence and exacerbates conflicts, particularly in the Arab region in a statement delivered by Mohamed Bouassiba, Second Secretary of the UAE Permanent Mission to the UN, during a General Assembly debate on the use of the veto.

"The continued misuse of the veto undermines the confidence and hopes of peoples in the current international order, especially in our Arab region, which is still suffering the burden of wars and instability," Mr. Bouassiba said. 

His speech highlighted the sharp increase in the use of the veto, noting that it has been deployed thirteen times since April 2023, with about 70% of these instances relating to issues in the Middle East, particularly the Palestinian situation.

The UAE expressed particular concern over the Security Council's inability to address critical issues such as calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and considering Palestine’s application for full membership, despite significant support from the majority of Member States. 

"This disturbing pattern underscores the urgent need to reform the Security Council and ensure that the veto is not manipulated to undermine the will of the international community," Bouassiba emphasised.

The recent success in passing Resolution 2728, which called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip during Ramadan, was highlighted as a positive step, though the resolution's implementation has been hindered by Israel’s lack of commitment.

Addressing the General Assembly, Bouassiba commented on the structure of the Security Council, noting that deep divisions and the favouring of geopolitical interests have led to a lack of consensus and weakened the effectiveness of its resolutions. 

"Even when the veto is not used, resolutions are often issued without consensus, which limits their impact and effectiveness," he explained.

To remedy this, the UAE supports establishing specific criteria for veto use in line with international law and the majority view of Member States. They also endorse the initiative led by France and Mexico, supported by over 100 Member States, to restrict veto use in cases of mass atrocities.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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