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UAE delivered 31,018 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Gaza to date

UAE delivered 31,018 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Gaza to date
25 Apr 2024 00:24


The UAE has continued to support the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip through the humanitarian initiative "Chivalrous Knight 3", directed by President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, underscoring the UAE's commitment to assisting those in need.

To date, the UAE's assistance to the Palestinian people has totalled 31,018 tonnes of urgent supplies, transported via 249 flights, 1,160 trucks, and three ships that docked at the Port of Arish before transferring their cargo to Gaza. The shipments included 4,016 tonnes of relief and medical aid during the the maritime delivery, 4,544 tonnes during the second, and 4,630 tonnes during the third. Additionally, around 300 tonnes of aid reached the northern Gaza Strip by sea, in collaboration with the World Central Kitchen.

Moreover, the UAE has established six water desalination stations in Gaza, capable of producing 1.2 million gallons daily, benefitting over 600,000 residents. The nation has also opened five automatic bakeries, which produce 15,000 loaves of bread per hour, aiding approximately 72,000 people.

The UAE has committed $15 million to support Cyprus's "Amalthea" fund, which facilitates a maritime corridor between Cypriot ports and Gaza to enhance the flow of humanitarian aid and provide flexible financing tools to address the famine risks in Gaza.

During its tenure on the UN Security Council last year, the UAE sponsored Resolution 2720, which promotes increased humanitarian aid and protection for UN personnel and humanitarian workers in conflict zones.

In addition to these efforts, the UAE has welcomed 646 patients and their 683 companions from Gaza for medical treatment. The Emirati field hospital in Rafah, staffed with over 100 healthcare professionals, has treated 16,530 cases since its inauguration in December of the previous year.

A floating hospital with a 100-bed capacity was also established off the coast of the Egyptian city of Al-Arish and began operations on February 26 to further support medical services for Gaza residents and complement the field hospital in Rafah.

Furthermore, the UAE has introduced "Starlink" technology to facilitate urgent medical consultations via video communications at the field hospital.

The "Birds of Goodness" airdrop operation, executed in coordination with Egypt, delivered 2,271 tonnes of food and relief across 35 missions in northern Gaza. The "Tarahum - For Gaza" campaign has gathered over 71,000 humanitarian aid baskets through the efforts of 24,000 volunteers and 20 humanitarian organisations.

Financially, the UAE provided significant support including $20 million, allocated by President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed for tackling the harsh humanitarian conditions in Palestine, alongside funds directed towards health and food aid through the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, totalling $21.7 million, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and the World Food Programme. An additional $5 million was allocated to support the efforts of UN coordinators for humanitarian affairs and reconstruction in Gaza.

As part of the efforts in Khan Younis following the withdrawal of the Israeli army, the UAE, through the "Chivalrous Knight 3" humanitarian operation, supplied water tanks to local authorities and offered relief services to returning residents, addressing the critical shortages faced by municipalities.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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