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Abu Dhabi Police introduce 'Driver Emergency Alert Code System'

Abu Dhabi Police introduce 'Driver Emergency Alert Code System'
23 Apr 2024 12:05


In a bid to enhance road safety and improve traffic management, Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) has introduced a new 'Driver Emergency Alert Code System'.

This new system utilises different coloured lights to notify drivers of various road conditions and emergencies.

According to the official announcement made on ADP's X page, red and blue lights will be used to indicate the presence of a traffic accident on the road or an obstruction in the traffic lane.

Meanwhile, the use of yellow lights will signal drivers when there are construction works, traffic diversions, or the activation of the volatile weather system.

The introduction of this new system aims to provide clear and easily identifiable alerts to drivers, allowing them to navigate the roads safely and efficiently.

Motorists are advised to familiarise themselves with the different alert codes and respond accordingly while driving on the roads.

This new initiative is part of ADP's ongoing efforts to enhance road safety and reduce accidents on the busy roads of the city.


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