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UAE showed high effectiveness in dealing with unprecedented weather conditions: MoEI

UAE showed high effectiveness in dealing with unprecedented weather conditions: MoEI
22 Apr 2024 12:31


Hassan Al Mansoori, Undersecretary for Infrastructure and Transport Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI), highlighted that the UAE has proved highly effective in dealing with the consequences of the extreme weather conditions that it experienced last week.

He further noted that the proactive and swift response of various concerned entities has contributed to protecting people's lives and properties and expediting recovery time, as service facilities, such as roads, bridges, and dams, went back to operation in record time.

President's Directives

Al Mansoori added that following President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan's order to study the condition of infrastructure throughout the country to better understand the damages and improve future responses, MoEI joined forces with its partners to form an on-ground force that immediately started to review and assess the damages caused by the intense rainfall.

"The workforce will prepare a complete study on the need to expand dams and waterways so they are ready for and can contain future extreme weather events. Moreover, it will prepare an integrated operational plan to repair the damage caused to federal roads and take proactive measures to ensure the continuity of the roads' rainwater drainage network. In addition, MoEI is about to follow a proactive plan to maintain water pump stations on federal roads to ensure their preparedness," he continued.

The Ministry, he said, has put in place integrated plans and schemes for immediate and swift response to emergencies to ensure the safety of people and protect properties and infrastructure.

7 Field Teams

"To ensure the infrastructure's preparedness, the Ministry held multiple meetings that set immediate response plans and priorities. Seven field teams were formed in collaboration with partners from the private sector to swiftly respond to any emergency on federal roads and dams. We also opened dam gates to empty the water, reduce pressure, and make dams ready to accommodate more rainwater," he explained.

The Ministry ran a series of extensive technical tests to check the integrity of dams' infrastructure, focusing on drainage systems and their ability to handle large volumes of water. Therefore, the Ministry cleaned waterways leading to dams and removed all obstacles that prevented water flow.

Latest Technologies

He stated, "Latest technologies used by the Roads Network Command and Control Center and in dams' management played a key role in increasing the effectiveness of the measures taken."

The Roads Network Command and Control Centre received several reports of obstruction on federal roads handled effectively by field teams. A total of 20 teams were formed to remove accumulated rainwater and repair damages on federal roads.

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