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ITC implements project to connect the mainland and island of Abu Dhabi

ITC implements project to connect the mainland and island of Abu Dhabi
22 Apr 2024 08:54


The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi is implementing a project that connects the mainland and island of Abu Dhabi through mid-islands.

The ITC explained that the 25-kilometre Mid-Island Parkway project comes within the framework of the centre’s strategic vision to develop infrastructure and road networks, and enhance the quality of services, improving the future quality of life for Abu Dhabi residents.

The road will have from four to five lanes, providing entrances and exits to several islands Al Sammaliyyah, Umm Yifienah. Al Saadiyat, Al Reem island among others, with a capacity ranging from 8 to 10 thousand vehicles per hour in each direction.

As a result of the project’s magnitude, the operations have been divided into two phases; the first phase includes linking Al Saadiyat Island and Umm Yifienah Street, to Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street and Al Reem Island, while the second phase connects Umm Yifienah Iskand to Al Raha Beach as well as the E10 road, Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street E20, and Madinat Zayed.

The project aims to provide service and connect development projects throughout the island of Abu Dhabi, reducing traffic volume and congestion on main roads that connect the island of Abu Dhabi to the mainland.

The project will contribute to achieving the ambitious vision of the ITC to improve the level of traffic safety, enhance connectivity between the Emirate’s regions and commercial areas, enhance traffic flow, reduce congestion, and provide new traffic solutions, contributing to establishing a sustainable integrated transport system that meets the aspirations of stakeholders.

The ITC noted that it is working within an ambitious vision to improve the level of road services and infrastructure, enhancing smooth traffic flow by completing future strategic projects with unique designs that reflect the aspirations of Abu Dhabi Emirate, contributing to improving the quality of life for its citizens and residents.

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