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Arada Real Estate Development Company shelters 3,000 affected by weather conditions

Arada shelters 3,000 people affected by weather conditions
21 Apr 2024 23:45


Arada Real Estate Development Company allocated the Nest complex in the Aljada area to shelter 3,000 people affected by the recent weather conditions in the country within an integrated community in one place.

Notably, this was done in cooperation with the Sharjah Social Services Department.

The two entities are working to cater to the needs of those affected to secure decent living conditions until they are able to return to their homes.

Based on the action plan, the affected people will be moved in stages in cooperation with concerned stakeholders.

The appropriate procedures and measures for various groups of society, especially children, elderly, and people or determination will be taken.

This came during a meeting held in Aljada City on Sunday, which was attended by Director of the Social Services Department in Sharjah, Ahmed Al-Mail, Director of the Community Cohesion Department, Hessa Muhammad Al-Hammadi, and Director of the Wahat Al-Rushd Centre, Khaled Al-Abdouli.

The Arada initiative will provide housing for those affected by the weather situation highlights the role of the private sector in humanitarian work and community service in the current circumstances.

During the meeting, the role of every institution and company capable of providing support according to their capabilities and field was emphasised. This makes social responsibility more integrated and effective and increases the chances of accelerating assistance to everyone affected.

Arada Real Estate Development Company reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to supporting the community and enhancing sustainability through a series of immediate measures to help the affected families and individuals. That is implemented in close cooperation with the relevant authorities and institutions in Sharjah to strengthen the safety net that protects society and supports its progress and prosperity in the face of crises.

The company's representatives noted that the cooperation initiative comes within the framework of activating the role of social responsibility between the public and private sectors to serve and assist those affected by the weather situation. The private sector is a strategic partner and an integral part of the fabric of society and plays a vital role in supporting the efforts of the government sector by providing various forms of support and assistance to accelerate the recovery process and return to normalcy after crises.

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