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Al Dhafra Region Municipality takes precautionary actions amid heavy rainfall

Al Dhafra Region Municipality takes precautionary actions amid heavy rainfall
17 Apr 2024 11:57


In an effort to prioritise safety, Al Dhafra Region Municipality has temporarily closed parks and beaches across all cities in the region. The decision comes in response to heavy and moderate rainfall that persisted intermittently for two days, resulting in water accumulations in various areas.

The municipality’s emergency response teams promptly addressed the situation, ensuring that streets and roads returned to their normal condition within a short period.

Their swift action was made possible by pre-prepared emergency and crisis plans designed to handle such weather-related incidents.

The public was urged to report emergency cases related to weather fluctuations, including water accumulation or debris obstructing the movement of traffic, by contacting the emergency number, 993.

To safeguard workers and residents, the municipality has outlined mandatory procedures for work sites during weather fluctuations.

These measures aim to raise awareness among workers and emphasise the importance of full compliance with safety standards. The goal is to maintain a healthy and safe working environment, free from any hazards that may jeopardise safety.

With over 600 companies and establishments involved in construction projects, infrastructure development, and services within Al Dhafra Region, the municipality relies on pre-prepared plans and trained emergency teams. Using the latest technologies and communication methods, these plans prioritise risk severity, resource optimisation, and continuous plan updates. The municipality places great emphasis on response team readiness to ensure efficient operations during weather fluctuations.

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