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Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority issues decision on supplier qualifications for Fodder Market

Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority issues decision on supplier qualifications for Fodder Market
15 Apr 2024 12:18


Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has issued a decision regarding the qualifications required for suppliers in the Fodder Market under the Abu Dhabi Livestock Breeders Support Programme. The decision aims to ensure the quality and continuity of animal feed supply to beneficiaries of the direct smart cash support programme for livestock breeders. It sets out conditions that must be met by fodder suppliers seeking to supply fodder to the programme, while also seeking to enhance private sector participation and increase investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

The decision outlines 10 conditions for qualifying feed suppliers to participate in the programme. These include the requirement for grass fodder suppliers to be licensed in the Abu Dhabi emirate, and for fodder suppliers to have the capability for self-production or direct contracting for the purchase of grass fodder from the source country. Additionally, suppliers must have the capacity to store feed and production inputs to ensure continuity of distribution operations. The decision also mandates that suppliers of concentrated pellet feed own a factory in the country for its production.

Logistical prerequisites specified in the decision include offering a fodder-loading service for beneficiaries and possessing the necessary equipment and facilities to deliver the service and maintain business continuity. Suppliers must also adhere to quality, environmental, health, and safety management systems, as well as register with the digital and electronic systems approved by ADAFSA.

In addition, the decision outlines 12 performance indicators to assess suppliers' compliance with the programme's fodder supply requirements. These indicators encompass strategic partnership and cooperation with ADAFSA, commitment to supplying specified quantities, varieties, and types of feed in accordance with ADAFSA guidelines, management of strategic stocks, diversification of feed sources, and compliance with feed prices and competitiveness. Performance indicators also include timely supply and delivery, provision of additional services to beneficiaries, innovation, sustainability, responsiveness to beneficiaries' complaints, and provision of regular data and reports.

His Excellency Rashid Mohamed Al Mansoori, Executive Director of the Animal Wealth Sector at ADAFSA, said: "This decision is a significant step towards enhancing private sector involvement in supporting livestock breeders and improving productivity. We are confident that the qualification requirements outlined in the decision will ensure the participation of the best suppliers in the programme and the provision of high-quality services to beneficiaries.

"ADAFSA will provide all forms of support to suppliers to ensure compliance with the requirements of the decision and to achieve the objectives of the Livestock Breeders Support Programme in Abu Dhabi. We invite all qualified suppliers to participate in the programme and benefit from the services offered to improve their business, increase investment opportunities and support the agricultural sector in Abu Dhabi."

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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