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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre organises 4th 'Jusoor' programme to promote cross-cultural communication and harmony

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre organises 4th 'Jusoor' programme to promote cross-cultural communication and harmony
13 Apr 2024 15:56


The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre (SZGMC) hosted the fourth edition of "Jusoor" (Bridges) programme during the holy month of Ramadan as part of its mission to foster cross-cultural communication and promote the spirit of volunteerism.

As part of efforts to bridge the gap between religions and cultures, and to promote harmony, the initiative invites people of various cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs, as well as representatives of public and private sectors in the UAE to experience the spirit of Ramadan at the mosque, participate in the Centre's annual Our Fasting Guests programme, and learn about the mosque's events and activities during the holy Month. By volunteering to distribute Iftar meals within the mosque, witnessing the firing of the Iftar cannon, and taking part in an array of cultural activities, the participants were introduced to the message and vision of the mosque. The event ended with a group Iftar, where participants gathered around a table in an atmosphere of coexistence and fraternity.

Dr. Yousef Al Obaidli, Director-General of the SZGMC), said:''The gatherings organised and supervised by the Centre provide opportunities for cultural and human interaction that goes beyond coexistence to positive interaction, especially in the United Arab Emirates, which embraces different religions and cultures on its land, where people live together in peace, within a harmonious social fabric and under ideal conditions of justice and equality. The centre's experience, which adopts the visions of late founding father Sheikh Zayed for consolidating the concepts of human communication within a framework of noble values, is a source of inspiration for the world in promoting peace, harmony, and respect for all.''

The centre organised nine sessions of the programme in its fourth season, with more than 394 participants representing 13 embassies in the United Arab Emirates and a number of organisations and institutions. They distributed more than 1,750 Iftar meals at the mosque.

Source: WAM
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