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Al Ain Zoo advances ecological sustainability by growing 210+ tonnes of plant-based animal browse annually

Al Ain Zoo advances ecological sustainability by growing 210+ tonnes of plant-based animal browse annually
13 Apr 2024 15:12


Al Ain Zoo has grown 211.2 tonnes of plant-based sustenance annually. In a dedicated nursery, the zoo cultivates a range of animal food plants, including local and non-local species such as Sidr, Ghaf, Hibiscus, and others.

This sustainability initiative ensures a consistent food supply while reducing its ecological footprint, and highlights the zoo's dedication to responsible resource management and environmental conservation.

The plants are chosen to meet the nutritional, behavioural, and environmental needs of the zoo’s diverse animal residents. Selections are informed by thorough evaluations conducted by the diet review team, considering factors like growth stages, reproductive states and overall health. While some animals thrive on pure plant-based diets, others, including carnivores, primates and reptiles, have their nutritional needs met through carefully devised compound feed. This comprehensive approach highlights the zoo's dedication to the wellbeing of every animal its care.

The zoo continuously makes contributions to nature conservation and wildlife protection, with a particular focus on safeguarding local species and its internal food production plays a crucial role in the preservation and enhancement of plant diversity. The nursery's propagation and utilisation of these plants across diverse initiatives not only fosters biodiversity but also enables the sharing of expertise with external partners and institutions.

This collaborative approach underscores the nursery's commitment to advancing conservation efforts and promoting ecological sustainability, advancing resource management and self-sufficiency while also ensuring tailored diets for its animals and supporting breeding efforts for endangered species. Beyond conservation, the zoo's dedication extends to revitalising green spaces both within the zoo and across Al Ain, creating tranquil zones teeming with vitality. Their efforts reflect a commitment to excellence and a vision for a thriving ecosystem.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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