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TRENDS debuts its pavilion at Paris International Book Fair 2024

TRENDS debuts its pavilion at Paris International Book Fair 2024
13 Apr 2024 10:35


TRENDS Research and Advisory Center has debuted its pavilion at the Paris International Book Fair 2024, in the presence of Rachida Dati, the French Minister of Culture, and Mathieu Lacombe, the Minister of Culture of Quebec, Canada, who was honoured as the exhibition's guest of distinction.

Minister Rachida Dati and Minister Mathieu visited TRENDS’ Pavilion No. B29, situated in the Exhibition Center of the Grand Palais Éphémère in the heart of Paris. Both ministers acknowledged TRENDS' dedication to scientific research, credibility, and global trust.

This event also marked the commencement of Minister Mathieu's European research tour.

The two ministers were briefed on the scope of TRENDS' work and publications, commending its diversity, depth of research, relevance to contemporary events, and forward-thinking vision.


At its dedicated pavilion, TRENDS showcases a rich assortment of research publications, including original works, translations, and a diverse range of scholarly series available in various languages. Featured among these are volumes from its specialised encyclopedia on the Muslim Brotherhood, publications exploring political Islamic movements, and the Arabic edition of "The Twenty-Year War: Jihadism and Counterterrorism in the 21st Century".

Right from the onset, TRENDS’ pavilion garnered significant attention from a diverse audience, boasting over 3,000 publishers from more than 100 countries. Officials, writers, and publishers from across the globe eagerly gathered to learn more about TRENDS' top-tier research initiatives, meticulously crafted by a select group of experts and specialists. As they perused through the Center’s varied publications, they expressed profound admiration for its global research endeavours.

Of particular note were TREND'S Encyclopedia on the Muslim Brotherhood and its 11 books, several of which have been translated into multiple languages. These publications emerged as standout offerings from the Centre, drawing considerable interest and acclaim from attendees.

Distinguished guests on the exhibition's opening day included not only various officials, writers, and researchers but also a cohort of master’s students from the Media and Publishing Programme at the University of Paris Serge.

Led by Gustavo Giroud, programme director, they engaged in an insightful dialogue session with TRENDS researchers.

The discussion delved into TRENDS' publications and vision, as well as the pivotal role of think tanks and scientific research in enriching knowledge, interpreting events, as well as anticipating and shaping the future. Emphasising the significance of well-documented scientific research as the cornerstone of balanced knowledge content, the session underscored the importance of scholarly inquiry in determining our understanding of the world.

Visitors lauded the purposeful and impactful engagement of TRENDS at this premier cultural event in Europe, emphasising its global vision's significance in disseminating knowledge and fostering international cooperation in research and studies.

They expressed admiration for the high-quality publications showcased at the pavilion and appreciation for TRENDS’ distinguished research efforts, which contribute to understanding the present and anticipating the future.

TRENDS researchers and the pavilion's supervisory team actively participated in the exhibition's initial planning meeting, where they presented their perspective on the importance of exhibitions in bridging knowledge gaps.

Later, TRENDS team and researchers visited the pavilion of the Romanian Cultural Institute, engaging with its director, Doina Marian, to discuss the importance of collaboration and establishing research partnerships.

TRENDS continues its engagement at the Paris International Book Fair 2024 by launching an original French-language book and unveiling its “Muslim Brotherhood's Global Influence Index”. It will also host a dialogue session on media, culture, and the boundaries of influence in Arab-Western discourse, along with a global symposium on European-Gulf relations.

TRENDS delegation will further explore opportunities for collaboration and strengthen partnerships with major research and intellectual centres in Paris and across Europe. Meanwhile, the media team will record podcast episodes featuring influential figures in global culture.

Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, highlighted that the Center's engagement in the Paris International Book Fair 2024 aligns with its commitment to knowledge dissemination, the advancement of think tanks and scientific research centres, as well as the presentation of its global perspective on various regional and international issues.

He stressed that this participation presents an opportunity to connect with eminent thinkers and researchers worldwide and forge new research partnerships.

Dr. Al-Ali added that during the exhibition and the subsequent French research tour, TRENDS' agenda aims to further foster intellectual and research dialogues with international institutions. This endeavour, he noted, marks a significant stride in strengthening TRENDS' position as a leading independent centre regionally and globally while providing robust research outputs that contribute to knowledge dissemination and support the academic community with valuable insights.

Source: WAM
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