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NCM predicts partly cloudy weather, possible light rain on Monday

NCM predicts partly cloudy weather, possible light rain tomorrow
7 Apr 2024 23:15


According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), Monday's weather outlook indicates predominantly partly cloudy skies. There is a possibility of isolated light rains impacting some western coastal areas and islands. These regions may also experience mid-level clouds.

The NCM predicted that the wind speeds are anticipated to range from light to moderate, occasionally becoming brisk. Wind direction will be south-easterly to north-easterly, with average speeds of 10 to 20 kilometres per hour and potential gusts reaching 35 kilometres per hour.

In the Arabian Gulf, wave heights are expected to be light, with occasional periods of moderate conditions. High tides will occur at 12:46 AM and 01:19 AM, with low tides at 18:59 PM and 07:21 AM.

In the Sea of Oman, wave heights are forecast to be light. High tides are anticipated at 09:31 AM and 21:22 PM, with low tides at 15:21 PM and 03:55 AM.

Source: WAM
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